YouTube To MP3: A Smart Way To Convert

Youtube to mp3

Found an amazing song on YouTube and want to take it with you in a music player and listen all day long? Simple! Follow our guide and realize that the task to convert YouTube to mp3 is no longer a problem for you!


Actually, the task of converting YouTube video to mp3 can be successfully completed by a plenty of online services available on the Internet. We’ve chosen the most popular among them to show you the basic peculiarities of such services:

  • As the simplest converter available, the website Youtube-mp3 needs only the YouTube link to launch the convention needed. In a second, you’ll get the “Download” link with all the information on the artist and track title saved.
  • In a similar manner, Online Video Converter service needs only the link to create an audio file for you. But its range of the formats and websites goes even further. In particular, you can use the link not only from YouTube but also from Instagram, Vimeo, TeacherTube, and many other websites. Moreover, the list of possible formats includes .aac, .m4a, .ogg, .wma, .flac, and .wav.
  • Like Online Video Converter, Convert2mp3 website also doesn’t limit its support base to only YouTube library (its processes the links from Dailymotion and Clipfish as well) and .mp3 format (the only exception from audio formats is .wav). What’s special about Convert2mp3 is its ability to search for a necessary link on all the mentioned websites and within its own library. Specifically, it offers you a search field to enter keywords and provides you with the results on all the platforms supported.


However, when it comes to Apple devices, it takes time to transfer music to smartphone and listen to it immediately. Because of this, the task of converting YouTube to mp3 for iPhone deserves a special attention from us:

  1. As the most popular tool to assist iPhone owners, Free Make offers users to install a software on a computer. With its help, it’s possible to add YouTube links and export them to iTunes automatically. In fact, this algorithm works not only for iPhone but also for iPad.
  2. If you don’t like this type of service, try Softorino. Even though it is supported by iOS 10 only, it finally enables avoiding synchronization with iTunes completely. To add a new song to your smartphone, install a downloaded application file, connect iPhone through USB, copy a YouTube link, and launch a conversion. Truly convenient for iPhone owners!
  3. In any case, if you have time and patience to wait, you can use any online converter, add the mp3 files to iTunes and synchronize the libraries. For example, already mentioned by us Youtube-mp3 website works on your iPhone as successfully as it is on a computer.

Never stop the music!

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