Why People Go On Speed Dating

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Is speed dating a good idea for me?

“Oh no, that’s not for me,” “Oh, yes, I’ve considered registering, but I’m too shy to start,” “Oh, I didn’t know people take it so seriously” – these are the common answers to the question “Have you ever tried speed dating?” People are commonly skeptical about the whole idea of speed dating, especially taking into account the serious preparation and the high level of stress that accompany the usual date. As the same thing but with shorter time to get to know each other, speed dating doesn’t promise anything more than spending your spare time with numerous stranger with no chance to become interested in anyone there.

Let’s get down to the details

But is this idea really as stupid as we assume? Let’s take a closer look at what speed dating actually is. According to the basic rules of speed dating, you enter the room where each table has its number. Ladies are sitting separately, while men walk around the room and spend with each of them around five minutes. You should not worry about the time – moderator whistles to show the time to change the chatting partner.

Because of these rules, speed dating session goes really smooth and entertaining. You can avoid the shyness and embarrassment in front of each other – in fact, you don’t have too much time to think how to start the conversation. Both partners go straight ahead and ask what they want to know. Because of this, the best questions for a speed dating include basics for the future relationship – all the people entering the room have the same goal, so it’s not as off-putting as it is on the traditional dates.

Besides, speed dating is really fun. You talk to different people in the room – seems like a lifestyle of a typical party animal. Moreover, the overall procedure makes everything easy for everyone – all you need to say after the session is just “yes” or “no.” You feel immediately whether 5 or 10 minutes are enough for this person or you can’t stop talking with them. All the exchanges of telephone numbers appear on the next day automatically, so you can completely forget about it and enjoy the night!

Pros and cons

But why is it better to choose speed dating, not the other options? If you tried online dating, you know how hard it is to choose your person there. It takes a long time to investigate profile details and think whether to press or not to press the button… But in speed dating, you have nothing but to fall into the conversation without thinking too much. And it works – you have only a couple of minutes to suffer if the person is not good for you. Frequently, it is possible to develop interesting discussion and enjoy different perspectives with the profile that doesn’t match your standards – and only speed dating can reveal it! In any case, you will know for sure whether the person is worth spending your time with and one’s first impression won’t twist you.

So, are you already interested in speed dating? Do you want to know how to make this experience work the best for you? We have some recommendations: before going, prepare your questions – ask about your companion’s occupation, personality, previous relationships, hobbies, and don’t forget about some stupid questions to enjoy the conversation. Don’t panic – consider your first impression, be yourself, and come alone. And among all – enjoy yourself! Remember that speed dating is one of the greatest ways to entertain you in a hard day’s night, don’t spoil it!

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