Why Does Turkey Make You Tired and Sleepy?

Turkey dish

After a tough week, the perfect weekend consists of two repetitive actions – eating and sleeping. But what if you suffer from insomnia or feel overexcited? If you ask your friends, you can probably hear their recent experience from home party – eating loads of turkey and feeling tired immediately! Most of the people agree that this traditional Thanksgiving treat is a common cause of making the guests feel sleepy.

Scientific Approach

Actually, to some extent it is true. If you strive for the details, what is in turkey that makes you tired is tryptophan – or L-tryptophan, If you are a geek. Next sentences are for brainiacs: L-tryptophan is an amino acid that our body does not produce and that is the building block of protein. It is important for making B vitamin (our digestion, skin and nerves) and producing serotonin (feeling of relaxation). Concerning the latter, the high levels of this brain chemical contribute to better mood, well-being, and higher pain tolerance.  

Among these components, serotonin is the most interesting one. Relaxation is what we need for sleep, and this is the reason why L-tryptophan is a commonly acknowledged sleep aid.

Turkey contains the necessary element of tryptophan, but this is the last stage where it works as a sleeping pill. Small portions of tryptophan are not enough to make you feel tired – what you need for this for this is a serotonin boost! Actually, turkey makes you sleepy as any other protein-packed food like fish, poultry, cheese or meat – have you ever witnessed tiredness after visiting KFC or eating breakfast yogurt?

The key source for boosting serotonin and causing tiredness is consuming tryptophan-containing food in combination with 30 grams of carbohydrates. In other words, the composition of your meal is essential, and turkey dish is only one of the building blocks for better sleep. If your task is to feel tired, cover your turkey dinner with some bread or popcorn, and it will actually work!

Are You Eating Too Much?

Another important aspect is how much you eat. If your digestion requires much energy from you, that what will make you feel sleepy. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you eat if it’s too much for you. Not to count some alcohol, which is one of the key factors of tiredness, even if consumed separately.

So, if you are on a Thanksgiving home party, eating as hell your favorite mom’s turkey and finishing it with several handfuls of popcorn – that’s what actually makes you tired and sleepy.

However, there is a chance to observe the magic effect of turkey – you should try eating it as an only dish on an empty stomach but to the extent that makes you hardly breathe (much more than on a Thanksgiving party!).

Thus, next time you suffer from insomnia, don’t think that taking some pieces of turkey will cause some magic happening to you! You should investigate your shelves for some delicious bagels or popcorn too and eat-eat-eat them all! If you can’t find turkey – grab some chicken or cheese instead for the same effect. Sweet dreams and delicious weekend!


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