Why Do People Hate Gingers

Beautiful ginger

Famous redheads try their best to hide their natural color under the wigs and correct their overall appearances. Do they know something we don’t? No more secrets – here are the evidence for why exactly poeple do hate redheads.

Bilogoical Background

Actually, redheads are really different – in addition to the unusual color of hair, of course. Biologically, the gene melanocortin 1 receptor found in the 16th chromosome is to blame for the high attention to them. It is rare and responsible for the lack of their sedateness, not having grey hair in the old years, and better holding of color pigment. But being different includes both pros and cons, isn’t it? By being only several percents of the overall population worldwide, redheads are easily spotted elsewhere.

What can one tell from the impression of a redhead crossing the street? Angry, wild temper, impulsiveness, unquenchable libidos – all these things come to your mind while glancing at him or her. Actually, such an attitude has a long history. In Bible, Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, is portrayed as a redhead man. Ancient Egyptians considered this color of hair as the sign of misfortune. In the 16th century, people even used a fat of a redhead male to make a poison in addition to tracing people with ginger hair color as witches. Relatively recently, Hitler banned two redhead parents from having a child, stating that it would become “deviant offspring.”

But why does such a gingerphobia appear? Maybe, because most of the redheads you meet are generically attractive, meaning all those symmetrical proportions and high cheekbones, and you are jealous. Like during the Spanish Inquisition, when redheads were believed to be witches, or in ancient Rome, where people paid more expensive prices for the ginger slaves.

Or maybe, they have a freckled skin that people mostly find disgusting? In terms of physical beauty, we like mostly clear and evenly colored tones and associate freckles with health problems. And we are right – they are natural “warning signs” to stay away from the sun. Like for the vampires.

Is It a Burden to Be a Redhead?

One researcher entered the nightclub and started calculating the chances of people according to the color of their hair. Surprisingly, changing the wig for both men and women brought the bad news for redheads. If you want to be a party queen, you’d better wear blond hair; if you want to be rejected, color your hair in ginger. But this also means that you never know whether your new lover is a blond or a colored redhead (especially if there are no freckles on the skin)! Oops!

Notwithstanding, there are some celebrities that don’t mind both the attractiveness theories and social pressure and show that redhead uniqueness can be trendy and beautiful – among them, there are Julia Roberts, Rose McGowan, and Cynthia Nixon. Moreover, the overall “anti-ginger” propaganda is rather subjective even in theory. So sorry, but your rude hatred has nothing similar with instinctive dislike that can be easily overcome. Stay human, after all.


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