The Story Of Easter And Easter Eggs

easter bunny and egg basket

Easter is already around the corner – are you ready to celebrate this colorful spring holiday? Welcome to the club if you are already busy with thinking about egg design and family invitations! But if you don’t feel any emotions about Easter, checking this story may help you. Feel the importance of this event to many generations and trust us – Easter is one of the best holidays ever created.

The egg idea

Why these stupid eggs? There are so many foods available but each year people pay that high attention only to the eggs! If you ask these questions, you should know that they have a symbolic meaning for the Christian tradition. By celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death, the religious people use refer to ancient pagans’ tradition of worshiping eggs.

In particular, an egg is symbolic for fertility, the beginning of a new life, and the rebirth. Remember that discussion about the chicken and the egg? This common question refers to the same roots of human civilization. Even the phoenix, popular mythological bird that resurrects from its ashes, needs an egg to come back to life.

Don’t you feel that an egg is really special – empty but with a hidden life inside? So small and easily cracked but with a strong living creature waiting to come? Bet you won’t look at it as you used to after reading this.

Easter eggs colors

In the beginning, Christians colored their eggs taken from hens or ducks by using vegetable dye and charcoal. Even today, Orthodox Christians still use bright paints to make their hard boiled Easter eggs – these cultures can really emmarvel you with their fantastic ornaments and long-term tradition for choosing special colors.

For Catholics, the development of Easter eggs took different direction – more generous and tasty. Here, we mean egg-shaped Easter gifts and chocolate eggs, of course. It took centuries for the chocolate masters to create an ideal shape for the eggs, but they made it! To enjoy a chocolate egg, say thanks to John Cadbury.

The tradition of gift giving

On Easter, you should always be ready to share. Traditionally, it means that you are celebrating the new life and sharing the joy after the great news about the resurrection.

Before the efforts of Cadbury, people had to share eggs made from wood or precious stones. But now, it is more fun and delicious – sweet treats made of chocolate and marzipan can delight even the darkest atheist soul!

Easter is fun

Have you heard about the Easter Bunny? If your parents haven’t offered this game to you, you have a strong reason not to like this holiday that much!

The tradition for the rabbit is quite young – it appeared only in the nineteenth century. To this character, the legend delegates the mission of surprise associated with the unexpected resurrection of Jesus. In the same manner, children should search for hidden eggs in the Sunday morning, just as people were looking for a body of Christ centuries ago.

As a Monday activity, the Easter Egg Roll is another way to entertain children. By pushing an egg through the grass with a long-handled spoon, people worship the event of rolling away the stone from Christ’s tomb.

Hope now you feel that it is deeply symbolic but still joyful and pleasant holiday.

Happy Easter!

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