Texas Facts You Should Consider Before Your Next Visit There

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Texas is unique, great, and intriguing. By being a large piece of territory, it has so much population that can easily defeat any nation in Europe (if they’ll compete in a number of people residing there, at least). As an independent country, Texas could’ve also been in Top 50 largest countries on the globe! So, if you think this state won’t present anything interesting to you – you’re totally wrong. And we have some arguments here to support this idea – or simply several fun facts about Texas to help you collect all the necessary knowledge before discovering this terra incognita.


If you’ve heard that Texas is titled the “Lone Star State” but couldn’t figure out the reason, here’s the clue for you. Texas was in a long war with Mexico to gain independence (separation from Mexico is a long-term idea, you see). During those years, Texas even had its own 300 Spartans story! We’re referring here to the Battle of the Alamo, where 187 Texan men died opposing huge Mexican troops. So, no surprise that the new status and a specially designed flag with a star were important manifestations of the deserved status of an independent republic.
However, not only Mexico was willing to rule the state – widely popular theme in today’s Texas, articulated in the phrase “Six Flags over Texas,” refers to 6 administrations that the land saw: Spain (1519-1821), France (1685-1690), Mexico (1821-1836), the Republic of Texas (1836-1845), the United States (1845-present), and Texas (1861-1865). Even though Texas currently seems to be doing fine with the United States, it’s still very important for the people residing in the state to save these regalia – and the status of a “Lone Star State” was finally made official in 2015. Don’t forget to congratulate Texan people with that!


You think cows are divine animals in India only? Then, you’ve never tried to bother this animal in Texas. And you’d better not – people in this state will throw you in jail if you decide to steal or draw graffiti on their beloved cows! And by the way, control the behavior of your camel in Texas – it’s illegal to let it run loose on the beach.
If you want some legal pleasures in enjoying fauna, we highly recommend visiting Austin for vampire stories lovers. Don’t miss the chance to see 1.5 million bats in one place – choose either Lady Bird Lake or Bracken Cave for the greatest experience!


If you want to visit your lost grandma in Texas, we highly recommend using a plane and taking a car after. We are super rational here: first of all, the state has the greatest number of the airports in the U.S. (probably, Texas is the second biggest state in the country after Alaska). Moreover, its main airport, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, is a hub with the largest parking lot in the world. With such an infrastructure, the journey will surely be comfortable!


If you’re afraid of dying by being killed, welcome to Slaughter, Texas – it’s an affiliated branch of the earthly heaven that has never seen a homicide! However, the state supports Christian ideals so passionately only there, so don’t expect to find the same level of security in Houston – that’s a nonsense for the fourth largest city in the country!
Even though the last catastrophic natural disaster happened in Texas in 1900 during the Galveston hurricane, another possible problem for you today is tornadoes. In particular, the state has an average of 139 of tornadoes per year, which is the greatest number in the United States! So please, be careful and stay safe – especially, if you’re about to visit the North and the Panhandle.


Do you know how Hollywood promotes Texas on the annual basis? Quite surprising – the face of a legendary Oscar, the Academy Award, is of a Texan man named Oscar Pierce. The resemblance is so striking that his relatives start crying while looking at the statue – like Oscar’s niece, a worker in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, did!
Finally, if you’re a fan of the popular song “Luckenbach, Texas” and dream of stealing your small road sign as a souvenir, you’ve been waiting for too long. The government decided to stop producing them for people like you.

Enjoy your stay in lovely Texas!

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