Study Motivation for College Students: Is It Possible?

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Remember the first day back to your college life? If you wanted going there, you surely felt an excitement – starting the new page in the book of your life, getting the chance to change something about yourself dramatically. But day by day and week by week, your joyful mood inevitably transforms in the frustration – numerous tasks, preparations, a higher level of responsibility, exams coming soon., that stupid integrals and grammar books. Where has all the study motivation gone? Here, we will show you that it is still hidden deep inside of you. And it is possible to call it to appear again.

Crucial steps to find motivation

First, critically investigate your environment. Remember the day of your highest study motivation? For sure, it was connected with entering the shining study room, where everything was perfectly arranged for you to sit and work on the big project. Create the same space right now! Find the quiet place – if it is hard in your current accommodation, numerous libraries and coffee places in town are always at your service! Buy the perfect writing equipment – so you will actually like the process of essay writing. And take care of your favorite snacks at hand (writing these words was not possible without a big cup of coffee, to be honest).

Do you feel the excitement coming back to you? If so, don’t let the distractions spoil this mood! Your phone and even your computer are among the top reasons to deflect your attention from studying. Also, wear comfortable clothes and find a comfortable chair (I hate the feeling of a crick in the leg because of uncomfortable jeans and sitting too high, urghhh). Turn off the sounds and notifications from social networks. Don’t fall under the influence of the Internet opportunities at all, that’s always the best option (no Facebook notifications and Wikipedia pages checked while writing this!).

After all these preparations, make your study process as smooth and organized as possible. Create a timetable – nothing encourages you to work faster and more concentrated as the strict deadline around the corner. Determine your concrete study goals – and don’t move to the new one without the small reward for the previous one. In this way, you’ll enjoy the entire process not only the final result. If you are obsessed with your Instagram feed, dedicate your reward to 3-5 minutes to check your likes and comment. Also, you can eat and walk in the breaks – in my opinion, that’s more pleasing, but decide what work better for you.

Don’t forget why you need education

Finally, keep in mind your big goal. Why have you decided to start studying? Investigate the classes you take and make sure you still find something in them that corresponds with your dream and provides the necessary knowledge and skills for your future career. Don’t you feel exhausted because your school is not what you’ve wanted? Is it still possible to change it? Actually, you can find the benefits for your life in any experience, and that should be your first answer in asking yourself how to study boring subjects. Be conscious. It’s your life and your task to make it run in the right way. And that small study preparation might be just a tiny obstacle that doesn’t worth your nerves and tremendous efforts.

In fact, keeping constant study motivation is not that easy. But with the perfect environment and proper preparation, any homework can be more pleasant than before. If you still feel you’re doing in your own place in your college, of course.

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