10 Hottest Models On Instagram

sahara ray

A pleasure to admit – today it’s easier to meet a hot girl than ever before! The reason is not because the world is overloaded with beautiful females (but who knows, maybe it is?) but because of the Instagram! This social network is magic – hot models share their best photos, encourage you to comment […]


The Story Of Easter And Easter Eggs

easter bunny and egg basket

Easter is already around the corner – are you ready to celebrate this colorful spring holiday? Welcome to the club if you are already busy with thinking about egg design and family invitations! But if you don’t feel any emotions about Easter, checking this story may help you. Feel the importance of this event to […]


6 Famous Female Gangsters

Criminals shooting

Gangster movies create a completely wrong image of the world, you know! Instead of showing cruel men and innocent women, they’d better trace the biography of one of these sweet but not so sympathetic gangster ladies! Here we offer only 6 examples for the directors, but the list contains numerous names and even more unbelievable […]

Education Interesting

12 Men Who Walked The Moon

Nasa Astronauts

Even though space is not as far and strange as before, the opportunity to become a space tourist is still too far reckon upon. Even the number of people visiting our closest satellite, the moon, can be counted on the fingers of only your body! To know them for sure, check the names of these […]


Is celery a negative calory food?

celery eating girl

If you ever tried counting the number of calories in your daily intake, you’ve surely come across the information that there are some magic negative calorie foods. And celery is mostly on the top of such lists. But when you try to understand what it means, the explanation provided is mostly blurry. And it’s logical […]