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With the recent development in the IT sphere, more and more people are interested in mastering any skill connected to remain on trend. In this context, one of the most popular decisions to get closer to the Internet opportunities is to learn to code. Have you also considered this option? Why not start now? Especially, when there are numerous platforms available in Web to help by asking you no money for this help!

Feel free to use this overview – we’ve selected the best websites to help you understand precisely how to learn to code by using their services.


Languages learned: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby

Of course, we couldn’t omit the most popular website offering free coding courses. The number of people that completed their programs has already reached 24 million people, which shows both the public acknowledgment and the high level of trust among the students to CodeAcademy. Actually, it’s worth it – the website offers the comfortable start for the beginners in the coding sphere, concentrating on the interactive learning approach. Once you decide to join CodeAcademy, you will have an opportunity to check your knowledge and fix the mistakes immediately, since you type your codes in the browser rather than read how to do it. In addition, you’ll master the required skills with the help of quizzes, discussion forums, programming language glossaries, and blog.


Languages learned: Plenty, along with the overview of the computer science

Coursera is a well-known online education platform that offers numerous learning opportunities beyond programming courses. The specific of this platform is that you can receive a university-level expertise, simply because your teachers are exclusively university teachers. Learning on Coursera is free, but the obtaining of a Verified Certificate is a paid option. Actually, this choice is perfect for you to gain an introductory overview of a field of your interest, while other websites offer a greater number of rather practical code exercises.


code wars
Languages learned: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, CoffeeScript, Clojure, Haskell

This interesting website makes the most fun of coding education. Its martial-art design structures the learning process in separate challenges, or “kata.” Completing the task contributes to a higher rank in the tournament, which turns the whole process into a game – more points bring you to more complicated challenges. You can even create your own “kata” and ask other community members to take it! Perfect choice for those who get bored from learning too fast.


Languages learned: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases, DevTools, Node.js, Angular.js

The platform offers a set curriculum (specifically, around 800 hours for a course), so you have a strict plan for your learning process. Moreover, the great advantage of taking a programming course with Free Code Camp is the opportunity to both work on a real project and contribute to a community by working with a non-profit organization. By overcoming plenty of challenges offered within the course structure, you’ll be confident in handling such a responsible task. The community aspect works in one more dimension: the platform helps coders in one city unite and work together. Awesome choice for those who need constant support to finish studying!


Languages learned: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

By offering a limited set of language options, this website appeared in this list due to the careful structure of each its course. By providing a diversified list of paths from the very entering the platform, you can be sure that the learning process will be enjoyable and playful for you (actually, you can even double this effect by choosing a course of coding games!). In detail, its gradual interactive learning approach provides only the most needed pieces of basic information, while the most part of learning consists of receiving playful instructions perfect for the beginners. If your interests fit the list of languages offered by Code Avengers, don’t think too long before joining this community! Get ready to dedicate only 12 hours to a course and comfort yourself with studying not only in English but also in Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or Turkish.


odin project
Languages learned: HTML. CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby programming, Ruby on Rails

The free version of a famous Viking Code School – a pioneering online coding bootcamp. Because of this, you can be sure to receive the skills needed for achieving a successful career in web development, including obtaining a portfolio to show your future employers. Another key feature of The Odin Project is that it helps to establish connections with other learners. For example, the platform allows trading tips and creating project teams.


Languages learned: Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, AI

The interesting point about this platform is that it offers not only a set of individual courses on a specific script conquering but also a list of “nanodegrees,” which means you’ll achieve a specific training for a career of your dreams (be it a front-end web developer or data analyst). Of course, this option is paid – but access to course material is free on the website. This includes both video lectures (actually, Udacity has an impressive library) and quizzes for a higher interactivity. Moreover, you’ll receive explanations from professionals in the field, including Google employers. So, if you want to gain additional knowledge and get a practical advice from industry veterans, don’t miss the opportunity to join this website!


Languages learned: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS

This platform is also relevant for those who’ve already gained the background in coding. Their variety of in-depth courses is a good option to enhance the coding skills for free. Be ready for a tough but interesting learning process. You’ll get all the necessary information, answers and hints to overcome this challenge, so don’t worry!


Languages learned: Problem Solving, JavaScript, Animation, Game Programming

The best choice for those interested in game programming courses and puzzle challenges. The learning process is designed with the emphasis on problem-solving and thinking as a programmer, so be ready to challenge your current mindset! But this shift will be enjoyable, as you’ll get the result through learning how to move a dog, for example. Unfortunately, they have only one free course (Programming with Karel), but it’s surely worth trying!


Languages learned: Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, User Interaction

A good choice for both the beginners and those who want to enhance their coding skills. As Coursera, this platform is a good option to take a Programming Basics course and understand the specifics of a coding discipline. At the same time, there is no specific language course available on this site, even though you can learn something about JavaScript and HTML by watching video tutorials. In any case, get ready to increase your general awareness, not practical skills.  


Languages learned: HTML/CSS, Java, C++. C, and others

The great advantage of this website is its emphasis on a person-to-person approach, in contrast to a widely used reliance on YouTube lectures and books. Specifically, Hack.pledge() is a community of developers – a team that includes the inventor of BitTorrent and the founder of CodeAcademy. Therefore, during each one-hour session, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to receive an advice from a coding professional.


Languages learned: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby

The last website on our list deserves its place because of the project-oriented approach it offers. In particular, this platform will help you as the beginner in coding to achieve your specific aim in starting online education – building an application, for example. In particular, the designers of the courses managed to create a practical and efficient way to master the basic coding languages. With these characteristics, Treehouse must be higher in the list, but the fact that only the introductory study of each course requires no payment makes it the last option to choose.

So, are you ready to become a master in coding! Choose your website and enjoy it!

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    • Barny
    • July 7, 2017

    As a newby, who’s looking for easy-to-digest front-end courses I’d pick Khan Academy.

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