Is celery a negative calory food?

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If you ever tried counting the number of calories in your daily intake, you’ve surely come across the information that there are some magic negative calorie foods. And celery is mostly on the top of such lists. But when you try to understand what it means, the explanation provided is mostly blurry. And it’s logical to assume that eating celery will help in weight loss. But is it possible? We are here to explain you the real influence of eating celery on your body.

Chemistry of a negative calory food

The “negative calorie” notion is closely linked to the thermic effect of food (TEF). Again, too complicated? Let’s put it simpler – all foods are digested differently. Some of them contain ingredients that our body cannot afford, while some are easily absorbed (like sugar in a cup of tea). Concerning the types of foods, the highest TEF is observed in protein foods – 20-30%, for carbohydrates it is only 5-10%, while fats require only 3% of calorie amount for digestion.

In fact, our body always tries to digest everything we eat – believing that constant dropping wears away a stone. Therefore, it uses 10% of the energy intake you take to overcome the thermic effect of foods you eat.

How does it work for celery?

Based on a chemical composition of a celery it contain 6 calories in a medium stalk. Based on the mathematics hidden in our bodies, you will use only one calorie to digest it. The resting five are left.  

In the case of celery, its key ingredient – cellulose – is not easily digested by the body. Notwithstanding, it will absorb at least some calories of the vegetable. Even though fiber is not affordable for the digestion, 0.8 grams of carbohydrates still remain. While your body will need 15% of energy for digestion, you will get the energy from 0.7 grams of them. Tiny energy supply, but is exists!

So, celery is not a negative calorie food. Sorry, but there is no product known to require 100% of your energy. But don’t throw your celery away – it is really healthy and low-calorie vegetable. But if you want to enjoy even more positive effects, consider eating more protein foods!

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