3 Easy And Nice Knots [Video Tutorials]

how to tie a tie


In fact, many people admit they’ve always wanted to wear a tie (because ladies like that), but they don’t even start as it seems too difficult for them. If this situation is yours, your fears are absolutely insubstantial – by looking at these 3 common knots followed by the instructions describing this process step by step, you’ll see this for yourself!


If you’re wondering how to tie a Full Windsor, that’s the same. Among the classic ways to tie a tie, Double Windsor is the nicest one. By looking pretty and elegant, learning how to make this knot can help you in getting ready for an official event. It is thick, so consider making it when you are about to wear a shirt with a wide collar.


  1. Put a tie under the collar of your shirt. For your convenience, leave two upper buttons unbuttoned too. Make the wider part longer and put it above the narrower one of a tie.
  2. Pass the wider part through the gap, so it will be stretched out parallel to your face.
  3. Now, displace the wider part – first to the left, and then to the right (under the small part).
  4. Again, move the wider part back in the same sequence – to the left (above the smaller end) and up.
  5. Insert the tie into the loop created in the front.
  6. Make the knot nice and comfortable!


The second knot in our list was also influenced by the unique thick-tie style of the Duke of Windsor. Specifically, the half variant of this famous knot makes your appearance more casual, which in turn facilitates the task of its creating for you. Also, it doesn’t require thick neckties. In other words, it offers a freedom of choice for you in deciding an appropriate shirt for today!


  1. Start making a Double Windsor: put a tie around your neck under the collar. Cover the shorter narrower part on the left with the longer smaller part on the right side.
  2. Change the position of parts back by displacing the wider side under the narrower one.
  3. Put it up to the center and back to the left.
  4. Again change the position of the parts – but this time, displace the wide side above the narrower one.
  5. Now, you have a loop – so put the wider side up (parallel to your face) and insert it into the loop.
  6. Finally, the pleasant part – adjust the knot so you’ll feel comfortable wearing it all day long!


Enough of Windsor – the last knot in our list is super easy, fast, and convenient to make. After practicing the previous knots, this one will surely look like a fairytale – too good to be true. Simply look at these short instructions and realize that the art of wearing a tie is much easier than you used to think!


  1. Start as usual: wide end on the right and the narrow one on the left. For better results, consider measuring the length of a shorter end by the level of your belly-button (However, this tool isn’t perfect – tie thickness can ruin the best measurements in this case)
  2. Move the wider part – first to the left (above the smaller end), and then to the right (under the smaller end)
  3. Create a loop – displace the wider part to the left above the narrower one, and move the tie up to the center
  4. Final part: insert the tie in the loop and make it beautiful and nice!

Easy, right? Hope that after reading this information, the question of how to tie a tie will no longer be a scary nightmare for you.

Just enjoy being elegant!

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