How To Save Photos From Your Instagram Feed

How many friends do you have on Instagram?

Every day, most of us relieve the stress and satisfy our curiosity about the world by scrolling the Instagram feed with some beautiful and inspiring pictures. But it can lead to a certain awkward situation. Recently, I found something worth sharing with my mother (I hope you have also thought of it someday), but the problem is that she is not the user of Instagram…

Or another situation: you saw a perfect interior design for your room and want to show it to those responsible for its remodeling. But again, they are not your friends on Instagram to send them a direct message…

In other words, the problem of how to save a photo from Instagram inevitably arises when you want to share something with people who are not users of this social media. To make your life easier, we offer some options to save images on both your computer and phone.

How to save a photo from Instagram on your computer

On the Instagram website itself, you can actually find something worth trying. First of all, log to your account on Find the profile where you have found a picture you liked (recently, “Explore” button was introduced to the web version to make your search even easier). For your convenience, insert the username right after typing

Then, choose your image. If you are a Firefox user, right-click on the photo, choose “View Background Image,” and enjoy what you’ve liked.

For Chrome, you need one more step. Follow this sequence of actions,

  1. Choose “Inspect element” to see a new HTML code.
  2. In the text, your task is find the text in blue (starting with ending with .jpg). To make it easier press “Ctrl” and “F” simultaneously and search for “jpg” in the text.
  3. After that, paste this link into your browser and see the image to save.
  4. And the most enjoyable part comes – right click your photo and choose “Save Image As.”
    instagram code screenshot

Backup plan

If this option doesn’t work, consider the simpler way – just create the screenshot of the needed photo! To do this:

  1. Press the button labeled Prt Sc (for Windows and Linux) or the combination of “Command,” “Shift,” and “3” (for Mac) on your keyboard while viewing the post you liked.
  2. Paste (press “Ctrl” and “V” simultaneously) into any photo editor on your computer or even into a Word document.
  3. Make sure to crop away all the rest parts and leave only the image.

How to save pictures to your phone

If you need a picture on your phone, again, always refer to the screenshot option – fast, easy, and available on most phones. If on some reasons it is not available to you, consider numerous popular apps – InstaSave, GramDrive, and SaveGram, to name a few. Otherwise, you can synchronize your Instagram photos have already saved on the computer to your phone. To do this, follow the manual for your model – for iPhone, for example, refer to this instruction to sync your photos.

In any case, remember that a photo is always a property of a photographer! Respect their rights and use these methods only for personal use – if you share the image, always acknowledge and don’t try to fool the author!

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