How to Quit Drinking. Guide for Assholes

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Alcohol is a common attribute to any party, lonely night, or desperate situation. With so many reasons to appear in your life, how to stop drinking once and forever? Actually, if you take the reasons we list here seriously, this task will be not as hard as it seems.

Among all, you should fairly decide how deep you are stuck in your alcoholic habit. Do you have health problems because of it? Among the common troublesome areas, your liver is the most vulnerable one. Besides, any long-term treatment means that you cannot consume alcohol along with taking meds. Or perhaps, you cannot entertain yourself without drinking? Depending on the severity of your condition, consult with the doctor to get an accurate understanding of your current situation.

What should you do?

After that, you can start doing what you are prescribed. However, all the doctors will agree that it is not possible without your good will and self-discipline. And here come our tricks to help you get rid of the alcohol completely.

  • First, don’t be silent. Life is easier if you are not alone with the problem. So, don’t hesitate to tell your family and friends about your decision. Open your heart to those who have always supported you, even in your dark times. Serve for the others as the example of how to quit drinking and maintain that connection.
  • Second, change your life. We do most of the things we do because our social environment wants this. If your friends enjoy partying hard or your family encourage alcoholism, it will be hard for you to avoid temptation. People are the reflection of those around them, so find the best people and mirror them! Being with the right people and preoccupied with interesting projects is the best home cure for alcoholism. Try to dance, practice yoga, watch movies, read books, learn languages – do the things you’ve wanted to do for so long but couldn’t find the time! Consider quitting drinking as the chance to get the better life.
  • Third, don’t be in a rush. If you want to reject any extra drop of alcohol from today to the rest of your life, that’s OK. But mostly, it doesn’t work this way – the first offer of a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, and you struggle and, sooner or later, give up. Moreover, you won’t avoid exhausting alcohol withdrawal symptoms – why torture yourself? Try another tactic – steadily replace your alcohol days with something new. Determine some alcohol-free hours or days. Wait until you feel comfortable with it, and then move on. Within this schedule, 30 days no alcohol, and surprising results of being completely alcohol-free will come.

Finally, every big change deserves the reward! After completing each small step in your path of quitting drinking, decide in advance what is your self-defined prize for it. But don’t throw a vodka party for celebration – with the amount of money you’ve saved because of not buying alcohol, you can have so many more enjoyable things instead! Life is bright and interesting without alcohol, and your final goal is to comprehend that simple truth. And at the end of the way, the small glass of a high-quality alcohol can still be a great supplement– and if you’ve done everything right, that won’t spoil everything you’ve achieved.

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