How Many Spiders Do You Eat a Year

girl afraid of spiders

Have you ever thought to count how many spiders you eat a year? Or maybe you are among those lucky ones who found a leg of a spider in their month in one sunny morning? Stay calm – basic logic and science claim that it is impossible for any spider to appear in your month in any time of a day. And here are the reasons why.

First, your bed in not that attractive for the spider (Of course, if you are not keeping bed bugs there). Actually, even the appearance of a common human bed is too complicated for a spider to climb. As statistics shows, only a couple of these creatures cross it per year (most likely, the bed was empty at that moment). For the spider, the human is just a part of the landscape – nothing interesting to investigate, just a stone or a wall. If you want to attract spider – put a tasty insect in your mouth before you go to sleep. This is the only chance to make it at least interested in you.

Second, your sleep looks terrible for the spider. Nothing scares it more than your breathing, beating heart, and snoring. All humans consist of vibrations that make the spider run away to its web and stay there all night long (Here comes your life hack: If you are afraid of spiders, your best strategy is to breathe deeply or blow on them).

Third, human biology states that it is impossible to attract any spider in the mouth without the notice of its owner. Probably, you open month because you snore – so, reread the second point. Even if not, how is it possible not to notice that something is running on your face and jumping in your mouth? People can wake up even from the smell of breakfast or the sound of an alarm clock – how can they sleep if something touches them so deeply?

Also, you should make an effort to swallow a spider. Otherwise, it does not work. People do not swallow this automatically, just because something appears to be in their mouths (look at those sweet babies put a spoon in their mouths and show everything untouched back).

Finally, even the existence of the columnist and the magazine who generated the spider myth is doubtful. So, spiders in your mouth are not the only mystery in this story. No people responsible for collecting the facts on this phenomenon are known. Notwithstanding, there actually exists one possibility that you eat a spider in your sleep. Write down your algorithm – open your mouth, sleep alone and on the floor, wait for the spider with your breath hold, and swallow it quickly before it becomes scared and runs away. In other words, you must be conscious of that you are actually eating a spider.

So, next time you hear someone telling you to have eaten a spider, ask only one question, “Did it really look so tasty to you?” Seeing a spider before swallowing is important, and this conscious act requires tremendous efforts from a person! Eating a spider in your sleep is a trick worth applauding.   


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