How Can Eating More Protein Let You Lose the Extra Pounds?

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That extra weight and ugly bulges are always disturbing!

If you are unhappy with the high numbers in the scale, protein can be a saviour for you. It is indeed an essential nutrient which can certainly help you to shed the excessive fat in your body. Finally, you come up with a fit body!

Through different effective bodily mechanisms, more protein sources can help you in losing the unnecessary belly fat. If you replace carbs and fat with protein, hunger automatically gets reduced and it, in turn, boost multiple satiety hormones.

How can protein exactly let you lose weight?  Read on.

  • Protein digestion and metabolism burn calories

After you eat your food, some calories are always utilized for the purpose of digestion and metabolizing the food. This calorie which is burnt for the purpose is known as the thermic effect of food.

It has been estimated that protein has a pretty higher thermic effect (20-30%) when compared to carbohydrates (5-10%) and fat (0-3%). Thus, if you consider the thermic effect of 30% in the case of protein, it indicates that 100 calories of protein will end up with only 70 calories of use.

Almost 20-30% of protein calories get burned while the human body digests and metabolizes protein. So, including more protein in your diet can let you burn huge calories.

  • Protein fuels fat burning

It is a scientifically proven fact that the human body needs the help from carbohydrate or protein to burn fat. As you will lose weight, your body will get rid of both muscle and fat. Hence, it is essential to eat more protein in your diet during this ongoing process in your body. When there is an addition of adequate protein in your food, it fuels fat burning while the body preserves calorie-burning lean muscle.

  • Protein reduces your appetite

Protein can significantly reduce your hunger through a variety of mechanisms. This can automatically let you reduce the calorie intake. Once you start adding more protein in your diet, you don’t have to control your portions anymore. With the high content of protein in your diet, your calorie intake will get reduced on a meal-to-meal basis.

Isn’t it exciting?

In fact, one research study on protein proved that 30% of protein causes people to drop their calorie intake by almost 441 calories per day. So, high-protein diets not only help you to metabolize the food properly but also reduce your appetite.

Finally, it becomes easier for you to cut calories up to a great extent when compared to low-protein diets.

  • Protein makes you fuller

Protein is a quite important part of your diet because it lets you feel fuller very soon. When you will add more protein sources in your diet like lean meat, seafood, eggs, beans etc. in your diet, it will let you feel satisfied quickly. If you’ve protein around, it can eventually slow down your digestion.

Thus, you will not feel to go back to the dining table within minutes. If the same procedure continues for months, it can cause an intense calorie saving which can ultimately let you lose weight.

  • Protein is beyond calorie restriction

If you consider the calorie in vs calorie out equation, you will notice that protein actually works on both the ends. It can easily reduce your calorie intake and boosts up the process of spending the calories.

It’s because of such a reason, the high protein diets always cause amazing weight loss. Interestingly, it doesn’t demand a strict restriction of proteins, fats or carbohydrates. So, if you choose to consume more protein, you don’t have to sit with a calorie-calculator all the time.

  • Protein prevents the weight to come back

To stop the lost weight from coming back again is as crucial as losing weight. Often, people end up getting back the weight very soon which they have lost after months of determination.

Protein can be really helpful in that case. If you eat more protein, it will prevent your body to regain the weight. In a research study conducted on individuals, it has been clearly proved that with a modest increase of protein intake by only 15 to 18%, it reduced the weight regain after weight loss by 50%!

Isn’t that a remarkable figure indeed?

Hence, protein can not only let you lose weight but also incredibly help you to maintain the weight loss for the long-term.

Aren’t the aforementioned facts exhilarating enough?

Thus, if you think that you’ve not included enough protein in your diet yet, it’s time to make the right move. With the right proportion of healthy protein in your daily diet, you will certainly lose the unwanted fat in your body!













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