Fun Things You Need To Do

fun things to do

Feeling boredom again? Need some guidance to find the lost path to a never-ending joy and entertainment? The pleasure is closer than you think! Just simply look at this list of various fun stuff to do and enjoy the day!


A friend at court is better than a penny in purse, we all know that. And when it comes to saving your life from boredom, it also works! Just look how many things you can share with other people and entertain yourself.

  • Go to a park for a picnic. Probably, the best invention of French people – they know the true meaning of hedonism. Get a nice hamper, fill it with the best food you know (even if it’s spaghetti or pizza), and join your friends sitting on a grass. It costs you nothing (well, expenses on food we don’t count – you eat even if you’re bored), but the effect is tremendous – even if don’t like the conversation, you’ll like the food for sure! For even better taste, consider going to the park through one of the farmers market – that’s always a great experience to choose food and talk to sellers there. If you don’t like the idea of park or don’t want to limit yourself to eating – you can go fishing, biking, and camping instead. The place is not really that important – the good company and the fresh air are the key factors for entertainment here!
  • Watch the sunset. We don’t offer you to behold the sunrise – in that early time, you’ll surely entertain yourself by sleeping more. But after the long day, nature delights everyone with the sunsets (on a daily basis and out of charge!). Use this chance! If you know a lovely spot with great view nearby, take a walk there. You can watch this small miracle, make nice pictures for your Instagram, and entertain yourself by commenting with your friends afterwards. Finally, you can arrange a nice party with beer and wine – just imagine, how many fun things can start from a simple sunset!
  • Play games. Of course, you can go further than just eating and watching. And the best entertaining thing is playing! Ask your friends to come and bring some board or card games with them – and you’ll save the day. If you don’t have any games – you’d better by one, because the boredom is always around the corner. To save you today, try to look for a place with some games – there are always bars in town with this option! If you are a more active person, try playing paintball at a local venue
  • Go bowling. Any team-play is the best choice to get some fun with friends, but bowling is surely the king of the entertainment. Sip your cola, wait for your turn, laugh from others’ mistakes, and feel the thrill of the race! Of course, if you want to play football or basketball, don’t impose limits on yourself! These sports are the same fun – but a healthier sort of (because you won’t have time for sipping cola, at least).
  • Find a project to volunteer. If you’re tired of hedonism and self-satisfaction, you can find a more socially responsible activity to bring not only fun but also benefit. Volunteering is your choice in this case! You can find opportunities to be of help in different spheres: be that a local yard missing fresh plants or a foreign country dreaming of meeting an English-speaking teacher in the local school. That’s a pure fun to see shining eyes and bright smiles on the faces of kids you’ve just helped!


Of course, party is always fun. But late at night, there always comes a moment when everyone feels bored and tired. You can still save the night for yourself and those who survived after a long entertainment!

  • Watch the stars. Sounds pretty romantic, but this activity was designed not only for lovely couples in parks. You can also try – take a blanket, leave that awful place full of boring people, and simply find a place where you can observe the stars. Not recommended to try if you feel sleepy – this option works much better for those who enjoy science, astrology, and star movement.
  • Go dancing. Believe it or not, but most people survive the sleepover because they move! If you sit at the table all the time, the heavy doze of alcohol will finally overcome your vivacity. If you feel sleepy, it’s the high time to hit the floor. Don’t trust yourself if you feel sleepy – that illusion will be surely dispelled by the first movements you’ll demonstrate the amazed public!
  • Arrange a movie marathon. The best idea for any sleepover that brings entertainment to everyone without the tremendous efforts from your part is surely selecting several amazing movies to watch together. To make this activity even better, consider creating your own popcorn and buying colorful candies to through in those who fell asleep and spoiled the night fun!
  • Start a pillow fight. When it comes to throwing stuff at people, the greatest fun known to everyone since childhood is surely the pillow fight! If you need to entertain children, try to be creative in designing the pillow weapon they’ll use. A lifehack: superheroes and animals are always trending for this aim.
  • Try karaoke. And one more sleepover party classic that guarantees you some fun is signing songs! Of course, you need a special equipment for this – ideally, PlayStation and Wii. But actually, that can be much simpler. Have you ever tried searching for karaoke tracks on YouTube? Trust me, you’ll be surprised and totally satisfied with their amount to forget about the problem of entertaining yourself till the sunrise. But when it comes to a moment when you can’t longer hear that voice, consider inviting everyone to the Open Mic night instead. Let the revealed talents shine bright like a diamond on public! If things won’t be going great again – you’ll always have a backup plan (with the blanket and shooting stars, remember?)


If you think that’s impossible to find what to do when bored at home, you’re making a terrible mistake!

  • Watch your old photographs. Maybe, today you have a lonely day, but in the past you surely had plenty of more exciting moments! So, it’s a high time to rearrange all of them and remind yourself how fun you can be. As one of the great options, you can use for this aim one of the photo sharing sites we’ve mentioned before – and save your memories even better.
  • Invite the guests. Even when you’re home, it can be still be a fun place. If all of your friends are out of town, it’s a high time to meet your neighbors! The great option – they can bring you a homemade pie (yes, food is always fun!) and share some nice stories about the place you live in.
  • Rearrange the furniture. To make the place you live in better, you always have a chance to change everything. Well, you can’t ruin the walls or buy a new house in a one boring day – everything you have is the furniture – but trust us, it’s enough. Getting busy with this activity is always entertaining, and the feeling of a new space can bring you some inspiration for fun.
  • Enroll in a free online class. If you have free time that probably means that you have space to learn something new! Why not use this boring day to finally start studying something interesting and worth? The Internet offers you a great opportunity to start a class right after you’ve decided you need it – and most of the courses won’t ask you for money! The subject area is up to you – but we highly recommend looking at this list of free coding class, that’s one of the best choices to help you succeed on a contemporary market!
  • Read a book. For someone considering a book as a sort of fun too banal, while the others may think its appearance in this list is too surprising. Notwithstanding these differences in the views, reading a book is one of the best treatments for fun and entertainment in our opinion. At least, if you’ve finished reading this post till the end, you’ll surely see the true value of a sharing the night with a good story. If you don’t think reading is interesting, probably, you haven’t found your book still! Maybe, one boring day you’ll find yourself starting a book club? (If you like the idea, you should definitely read ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’!) Actually, that’s also a great way to overcome the boredom – invite your book-loving friends for a dinner and discuss the book you’ve read this week. Really fun if you’re fond of this!

No matter which kind of fun you’ll choose – either being talkative and extravert with friends during the party or sharing the boredom with nature, your places, and memories. You can find fun anywhere, just look closer and let these ideas entertain you!

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