Fun Games For Your Pleasure When You’re Bored

fun games for when your bored

Life is a big game-board, and everyone enjoys playing it again and again. But sometimes, there are periods in your living that are not interesting and entertaining at all (remember all those boring lectures at school and long monotonous trips to your relatives?).

And here, the brilliant invention of our age comes – it’s the darling of all hearts, our favorite smartphone! With its access to the online store, offering you plenty of games and being open 24/7, it can easily bring some joy to your life! But how to make a right choice in this dynamically changing huge market? We’ll help you! Please, take this list of 10 best new fun games for entertainment when you’re bored – they’ll assist you in any tiring circumstances, be this waiting in a queue or for your girlfriend when she’s done with her shopping. Or simply, help you pass the time while having nothing to do right now.

#1 80 DAYS (available for Apple and Android)

This amazing game offers you a chance to perform a journey around the world, following the plan that was previously realized by an adventurous traveler Phileas Fogg. Its unusual steampunk design with interesting text structure can both impress and make you laugh. And a lovely bonus – you can start it over and over again, choosing different replies and following various routes. Together, these elements create one of the most addicting games even designed – worth $5 it asks to pay, trust me!

#2 LIFELINE (available for Apple and Android)

For $1 only you’ll enter the incredible space inside your smartphone! To be specific, the game asks you to complete the mission for an astronaut after an emergency landing. What an idea!  

And it’s realized amazingly. The cool feature is that every virtual action is done real-time, which means that you can adjust completing the goals in the game to the predictable gaps of boredom in your schedule – and actually feel like this astronaut! With this function, completing the game takes you days, weeks, and months – which inevitably turns it into your secret astronaut life rather than a small tool for fun!   

#3 ROOM (available for Apple, Android, and Steam)

If appeals to conquer the space or travel the continents make you feel depressed, there are fun things to do on the Internet for you too! With Room, you’ll face a completely opposite situation to manage – precisely, your task is to investigate a small room in details.

Actually, this free game is everything you need to enjoy in a locked space puzzle – containing all that keys, mysterious trunks and strange codes you have no right to forget.

#4 TRACE (available for Apple and Android)

Another variation of a locked-room game (you see, we offer you the choice!). This time, you’ll investigate the murder story designed for your smartphone by David Varela, the creator of Sherlock series, personally!

If you need more arguments to try, it has amazing visuals. And a really captivating narrative to forget the world with your headphones on.

#5 LITTLE ALCHEMY (available for Apple, Android, and even in the browser)

Time for cute games! Little Alchemy is an amazing way to fall in love with chemistry. It’s free and small but gives you a really complicated task – to combine different elements and complete the list of 550 items.

You start from air, water, earth, and fire – which are very basic things – but after several combinations, you already deal with rust, sand, city, and atmosphere! And then, you create a human, telescope, and cheeseburger. Playing is interesting and the skills gained are very practical!

#6 LUMINO CITY (available for Apple and Android)

Once you open the game, you realize what’s the definition of an expression “a very cute game.” By playing, you solve various puzzles made of tiny lights, card-size pieces of paper and miniature motors and help the girl called Lumi find her grandpa (double cuteness!)

We advise you trying not only because it’s nice but also because it’s interesting and tough to solve, which makes it a truly amazing game!

#7 CAFETERIA NIPPONICA (available for Apple and Android)

The game designed for hyperactive businessmen who can’t even procrastinate without ruling the company. In this app, your task is to manage all the processes in a restaurant – including training staff, creating dishes, and buying equipment. So, you have a nice excuse to never stop working!

For those who strive to rest, the game also offers something. With its help, you get a unique chance to try yourself as a cafeteria owner and finally understand is it yours or not. Are you ready to find the best ingredients and design the greatest eating place in town? You should even learn to waste money at the beginning – this game is not free. But the experience worth all this.

#8 NEVER ALONE: KI EDITION (available for Apple and Android ($5) and Mac ($14))

Are you in love with the Arctic? If yes, this game is for you! This amazing puzzle game not only entertains you but helps you know more about culture and folklore of this land.

The greatest feature is surely the game’s visuals. I mean, it’s absolutely magical simply watching what appears on the screen. And the adventures of Nuna, the main character in the game, can surely entertain any player.

#9 SUPER MARIO RUN (available for Apple and Android)

A legendary Mario is an addiction guaranteed. In the fresh release of the game, you’ll meet even more complications to the simple task of running and collecting coins – finding the right way to a reward among multiple options and managing the complex new configurations of already passed levels.

Mario is a brand that doesn’t need that long description, actually.

#10 JUST DANCE NOW (available for Apple and Android)

No matter how good is the online game, a good dance is always a good idea! The creators of Just Dance Now thought in the same way and designed the game that turns your smartphone into a dance controller. It makes everything possible (by offering you simple and energetic routines) to get up off a chair finally! Once you’re professional in the tracks offered for free, you can always pay and learn more routines.

Moreover, the game encourages you to complete with the friends – and now you have an argument to the common talks that technology destroys the real-life socializing (you’re welcome).

Allow yourself some entertainment! Hope you won’t longer experience difficulties while choosing the best game to help you in this wish!

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