Fun Facts About Italy You Should Know Before Visiting


Interested in Italian culture or getting ready for an Italian trip? We can help you understand why this country worth thinking of and visiting in the nearest future! Look at this collection of fun facts about Italy and get the necessary portion of inspiration to see and taste it!


One of the most crowded sightseeing spots in the world, Trevi Fountain, is the great source of income for divers. Believe it or not, but people throw in its waters almost 3000 euros every day (in the hope to come back to Rome, to be )! If you’ve already started calculating how many bottles of wine you’ll buy in the next century for one visit, keep calm – everybody knows about this treasure. Italians carefully collect all that money to maintain this majestic fountain and donate the rest for charity.TREVI FOUNTAIN
But don’t sad, Italy has a fountain that can satisfy your desire to finish the bottle of a red one – it flows red wine 24/7 for free! This incredible invention is not as easily found as Trevi Fountain in the middle of Rome – but the lovely bonus is that fewer people get there! Note the address and burn it after reading (to avoid the queue): Dora Sarchese vineyard, Caldari di Ortona town, Villa Caldari, Province of Chieti in Abruzzo.


In fact, UNESCO fans should definitely plan a visit to Italy – the country is hosting more than 50 World Heritage Sites. What does that mean for a tourist? Quite simple – almost every famous palace, cathedral, archaeological area, botanical garden and historical center is important for the humanity! In other words, you’re not only seeing something ancient and nice in the country – you touch the thing that helped the whole civilization develop. In the case of Italy, just buying the ticket to Venice and walking to a city center of Florence or Genoa is enough – these entire areas are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Feel the magnificence!


Visiting Italy is surely a sign of a good luck, but don’t be self-assured – there are millions of other people in the world as lucky as you are. Once you enter the Italian streets, you understand the true meaning of these words – all the historical sights are overcrowded with tourists. Each year, around 50 millions of foreigners cross the Italian border, fully equipped with cameras and backpacks. Within the country, the population also has its specifics – its density is rather high, with approximately 320 people living in every square mile in the country. So, consider walking around the Italian cities in the early morning to enjoy the empty magnificent streets instead of trying to see something interesting on a screen of someone’s camera at the noon!


Italian food

The list of important facts about Italy is surely not completed without considering its food. And the two dishes mentioned here are surely the greatest inventions of Italians, no doubt! At the same time, the interesting fact about pasta and pizza is that they were invented so long ago that inevitably experienced numerous modifications before achieving that perfection.
Concerning pasta, its birth is dated back to the 4th century B.C. It took several centuries for English to travel across Italy, like it, and popularize that discovery in the world. However, the ideal combination of pasta with tomato sauce was not known by Italians before the 17th century – people enjoyed this meal with honey and sugar. Even more – it was eaten with hands! Only these days Italians realized that the perfect way to eat pasta is with a fork. In its turn, pizza, invented in Naples, was commercialized by Italians themselves in the 19th century. For this delicious dish to see the world, World War II was needed – back then, soldiers from USA, France, and Spain had enough time to try and love it.
Today, pasta and pizza cannot be considered as fixed dishes, as they don’t have only one flavor. The nation developed hundreds of varieties – rest assured, you won’t manage to try every kind of pizza and pasta in one year! And Italians are proud of this passion – even when McDonald’s opened its doors first in 1986, people shared free spaghetti in front of it for the sake of saving the national heritage.


In fact, the landscapes of Italy are also unique – and we’re talking not only about the incredible nature here (even though truly incredible!). Among the interesting facts about Italy, its mountains can surely impress you – the country has the greatest number of volcanoes in Europe! Specifically, it stands on the fault line, and this condition dramatically increased the chance of earthquakes and caused the eruption of three major volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius. In addition, Italy is a homeland for the highest mountain in Europe, which is called Mont Blanc (in a literal translation, it means White Mountain) and has almost 16,000 feet in height.
So, being high in Italy is inevitable – no matter what specifically you mean by this phrase. Wish you unforgettable experiences!

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