First Impression About Me. Is It That Important?

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You enter the room and hardly imagine that your destiny is decided within the several seconds. People look at you, scan your motion, smile, gestures, and overall appearance – and voila, they think they know the depth of your spirit. So, don’t think that looking positive and nice is a stupid idea – people actually don’t care what you think and how beautiful is your internal world when they first meet you. All they want to see is your appearance fitting the framework of a nice person.

Why is it so crucial?

Making a great first impression is really crucial for all the aspects of your life. Want to know why? Every day, you interact with various people on different occasions – choosing your life partners, business propositions, making new friends, asking for a better fruit in the shop. In all these situations, people make choices, critically looking at you and thinking whether you are a good person or not. And It’s your task to leave them nothing but to select you.

But how to make it possible? Our basic advice is to make people feel you are nice and great. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Want to know more details? Take your pen and note some basic tricks to achieve this aim. All of them refer to three key dimensions: your appearance, your movements, and your connection to your partner.


3 steps to achieve great first impression

First, take care of your appearance.  Actually, you should do it every day. We don’t insist on putting make up every morning – simply take a close look at your mirror reflection and make sure you look tidy and successful. Clothes, hairstyle, shoes – everything is crucial. And the things you hold in your hands as well. By the way, take the special attention to your telephone – surely, you don’t want to spoil your first impression because of the never-ending buzzing of your calls! If you want to make an impression of a busy person, consider looking organized and interesting in another way.

Second, take care of your movements. Be on time – it is important not to irritate the people with your rushing into the front door. Investigate your body language – it should be smiling, firm, and purposeful. Reveal your attentiveness and interest to the world outside – and your speaking partner, in particular. People like when you listen to them! Be polite – say “Thank you,” “Please,” and “Have a nice day” – good manners are always important.

Finally, take care of your contact with the person you want to impress. Start the conversation – by being initiative, you can avoid a first impression bias and speak your thoughts by yourself before the person in front of you does this instead. According to first impression psychology, small talks are the perfect way to endear anyone to you!

And the final remark: even though the great impression is important and requires considering various things, don’t be in rush. Stay yourself! Your first impression is among all yours! Relax and remember that you really are a great person and you will show it to the others. And you’ll succeed.

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    • Gregor
    • March 12, 2017

    Interesting approach. But I wouldn’t consider “being yourself” an option if you’re lazy piece of shit 😉

      • March 12, 2017

      Good point, Gregor!
      We are sure, you are definitely not that kind of person!

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