Female Kangaroos Have Three Vaginas. Just Wow!!!

kangaroo on the beach

Right after our recent post on monogamous representatives of the animal world, we wanted to share something from the other side of it. And now, we can’t wait to come out with the fact that rouse our imagination: female kangaroos have three vaginas! How is it possible? How they live with it? For what? Answers to all these questions are right here.

The biology of kangaroo

Biologically, the reproductive system of these mammals starts with the common connection for three vaginas (like asking you, “Which door will you choose?”) and a bladder that unites three bottoms. And the reason why you read this – two side-vaginas and the middle one. Surprises continue – males of kangaroos have two-pronged penises to fit into side-vaginas of their love partners. This unexpected animal world! OK, after the work is done, sperm goes up in the direction of the middle vagina. Down there, the baby joey develops externally in the pouch. On this final stage, the baby kangaroo gets the size of a jellybean and leaves one of the uteri because the reproductive tubes are too small to let the bigger embryo pass.

How they live with it?

Have you already imagined the triple pregnancy? Not this time – technically, all kangaroo’s vaginas work in sequence. But it doesn’t mean the easy life of them – permanent pregnancy is still there! Not just to give birth to three babies at once and forget about sex, no… Even if a female kangaroo already has a joey inside a pouch, an embryo is patiently waiting for the free place in a uterus, safely saved in its reserve. And in the external world, some youngsters surely want some attention as well – leaving the mother’s body is always only the beginning. Crazy!   

For What?

Science doesn’t know. We think kangaroos must be special in everything – living in Australia and having a pocket of skin on a stomach is just the easy bit. Or maybe, because the world needs more kangaroos – so females should triple their efforts to catch up humans and rule the world. Or just for fun. Nobody knows, biology is waiting for your discovery!

How to live with this knowledge

Do you still think human relations are complicated? The hard life of a female kangaroo shows you are wrong. At least, when it comes to sex, it is much simpler for us – everything in a unique copy, so understandable! Just imagine, triple menstruation, searching to find the best partner to fit all your vaginas, never-ending newborns… After all this information, the presence of a punch on a female kangaroo’s body doesn’t seem as awkward as it used to be – it’s only one!

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