Facts About Spain Calling You To Buy A One-Way Ticket


Searching for some amusement? Here were are with our favorite rubric of discovering new places by sharing something really worthy about them. This time, we’ll reveal some interesting facts about Spain. Get ready to catch its sunny vibe!

  • Walking on an untidy floor is quite normal in Spain. So, you can reveal your dirtiest self in this country – meaning throwing stuff on a bar floor, actually. Also, you can use sunflower seeds for this aim (by the way, people in Spain are pros at eating them).
  • And don’t limit yourself in throwing rubbish – the more litter you see, the better is the bar you’re in! With the high competition of bars for people (statistically, Spain is on the second place based on the “bars per inhabitants” indicator), that’s really important for the bar owners. Be polite, make their floor dirty!
    • If you have a stereotype that all food in Spanish-speaking countries is hot, forget about that right now. In Spain, you’ll enjoy all the mildness of the Mediterranean diet – non-spicy, cool, and with tortillas without corn or flour.
    • No surprise that food there is heaven – Spain initially imported all European favorites, including avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, and chocolate. So, you’ll surely enjoy your meals while in Spain! For the better effect, consider the eating schedule – lunch at 2 pm and dinner after 9 pm. And no show at any party before 12:30-2:00 am. And go everywhere on foot – that helps digestion. Stick to the timing and enjoy the maximum fun in the country!
  • Actually, if you can’t finish your salad with tomatoes because you’re full, that’s not a problem. Known as the largest tomato fight in the world, La Tomatina was created for those who love spoiling food in a creative way.
  • You see, the habit of Spaniards to move after a meal (probably, that’s the reason that Seat is the only Spanish car brand?) can take unexpected forms – don’t limit yourself to walking between the dinner and a bar party!
  • Our list of facts about Spain would be incomplete if we don’t mention another popular way to move in Spain – playing football. Any fan knows how amazingly Spanish clubs perform in this kind of sports. At least, the country is among 8 nations who have ever won World Cup – that’s an illustrative ticket to success!

    By the way, the famous competition between Madrid and Barcelona for being the best football club not only in the country but also in the world is not limited to football – this city pair has the highest number of fights per week on the globe! And surely, the fighting tools are not limited to tomatoes only.

  • Additionally, you can do plenty of things in Spain legally. For example, same-sex marriages are OK for the society since 2005. Also, nudity is legal in the country, and people normally marry at 14 or 16. Frankly speaking, Spain truly celebrates diversity!
  • And another important information to support this idea – it’s obligatory to rest in Spain (even if you’re there on a business trip). The world knows Spaniards as people who respect siestas along with vacations and free time. And you know, these people surely know the taste of life – while lying on the beach, they talk about the quality of life and importance of living the moment (maybe, that’s the reason why the country has the second highest unemployment rate in Europe – but who cares?). In any case, we all surely should live in Spain!
  • Finally, Spanish people are really kind. At least, this country is a world leader of organ donation.

Maybe, this information will be helpful for you if your insurance expired during your stay in Spain. And that’s absolutely possible – you’ll inevitably enjoy this country too much to leave it soon!

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