Fantastic CEO Elon Musk And List Of His Prominent Companies

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In the contemporary world, Elon Musk (Image source: always leads the stage. This man seems to be present everywhere, owning a company for all of the numerous tastes he has. With such a hyperactivity, can you guess how many CEO positions are on this list? In any case, let’s look closer and help him with the CV section “Working Experience” if he decides to apply elsewhere.


Tesla Power Station

We all know Elon Musk as the founder of Tesla, the company that specializes in innovative electric automotive manufacture. However, this is not the accurate truth – actually, engineer Martin Eberhard and computer scientist Marc Tarpenning were those who launched it. In his turn, Elon Musk joined the board only one year later.

After becoming a CEO of Tesla in 2008, Musk contributed heavily to the promotion of its corporate products. From the recent news, the announcement of Tesla Model 3 was a triumph. It encouraged numerous people to bid this innovation in spite of the fact that the purchase cannot be completed in the next 2 years.

Solar Panels in Nevada

The company that works on design and global distribution of solar panels. Founded by Musk’s cousins, it was bought by Elon Musk’s Tesla in 2016, which allows this man to become a current CEO of it. These days, SolarCity concentrates on both producing (around 10,000 panels are made per day) and improving the access to solar energy. With the recent announcement of Powerwall 2.0, a new version of rechargeable lithium ion battery, the popular usage of these products becomes more real.

In SolarCity, Elon Musk moves one step closer to his dream to control the full energy circle, meaning its transportation from production to consumption.


Falcon 9 Launch

The representative of Musk’s interests in the aerospace sphere. The company is almost 15 years old, and during its existence, it has already changed the world. Specifically, SpaceX launched a rocket fueled on a liquid to space, which symbolized the transition of the leading role in developing the industry from national governments to private companies. Furthermore, this incentive was followed by the offer made by NASA that asked for SpaceX Dragon spacecraft for $5.7 billion.

As we can judge from all these successes, Elon Musk as a SpaceX owner must be really interested in conquering the Universe.


contactless payments

Among Elon Musk companies, his activity as a creator of PayPal (Image source: was determining in his career. After becoming a millionaire, he decided to create as a venture that deals with his financial services and email payments. In 2002, it became a part of newly established PayPal that was sold to eBay and did a 50/50 merger with Confinity, a company founded by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin.  

In the company, Elon Musk was not the only CEO and frequently had difficulties in communication with the corporate top management. In particular, the discussions on frauds and technical aspects between them led to the appearance of Peter Thiel as the new CEO of the company. In his turn, Musk found time to concentrate on his other companies.



To make the latest dream of Elon Musk true, Neuralink as the company that deals with brain-computer interface emerged. To date, it is one of the greatest ambitions of Musk, since he wants with the help of this enterprise to enable the communication between humans and technology without the need to refer to the physical interface. To achieve this, the company aims at transforming a cloud-based AI into an extension of the human brain, allowing a “consensual telepathy” between humans. Sounds intriguing, ha?

In this venture, Elon Musk emphasizes not only on technical innovation but also on helping people with mental disorders, meaning dealing with epilepsy and depression. Such high ideals!

The Musk Foundation

The company that was created for donations. In accordance with the above-mentioned interests of the founder, The Musk Foundation is ready to invest in renewable energy, space exploration, health, and engineering projects. With the help of this company, Musk invested in several initiatives that work on combating the potential negative effects of artificial intelligence, including Vicarious from San Francisco and Google DeepMind from London.

With an organization, Musk finds the necessary platform to fulfill his philanthropic ideals.

And a Couple Of Other Companies

Among the rest of enterprises where the cabinet door contains a sign “Elon Musk, CEO,” we forgot to mention Surrey Satelite Technology (production of tiny cheap satellites), X Prize Foundation (paying for prizes in competitions dedicated to energy efficiency, empowering communities, education, and health), NeuroVigil (startup working on monitor brain signals), and Stripe (online payments). Unfortunately, he has no time to sit in an office of all these companies – but the option of investing is always preferable for Mr. Musk. So, let the time show what will be his next choice!


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