Does Farting Burn Calories?

Farting Man

How do you think, does farting burn calories? In Google, it is commonly assumed that farting burns 67 calories. So, just sitting and farting after a holiday dinner can negate the negative consequences of overeating? Count to 52, and get the pound of fat away? Too good to be true! Sorry, but here are some facts to ruin your expectations.

The Basics of Farting

Among all, let’s consider the nature of the act. In human physiology, farting means that your muscles relax and get the uncomfortable feelings away. Even though some people may assume that farting requires some calories, actually, it is the gas pressure that causes the whole thing to happen. The gas appears in your bowels and goes through your body with no need for any muscle to be moved. Flatulating by itself is not calorie-burning activity, you know.

Notwithstanding its inability to help you lose weight, there are some health benefits of farting. Hydrogen sulfide gas is very important and absolutely natural for the treatment of various diseases, Dr Mark Wood from the University of Exeter in England says. Even though in huge dozens it may be toxic, occasional smelling of your farts is a good preventative measure for dementia and cancer, along with stroke and heart attacks.

Moreover, farting indicates that you have a healthy gut. In particular, it shows that work of microorganisms to help your digestion is actually done. Because of this, you can proudly say after farting that it is not only an absolutely natural function but also the signifier of your healthy body. Everyone should join your company! To support your ideas, tell people that the healthiest foods in the world, like beans, by filling your body with the necessary nutrients inevitably cause much farting. And the lack of farting shows that your diet has no fiber enough for your needs. With a sensitive nose, you can easily distinguish the odor of different foods and even adjust your meal plan to it!

Finally, there is nothing more healthful among the things farting causes than easing an internal pressure within your body. Actually, farting helps to reduce bloating, managing the terrible feeling of being overweight after a grandma’s meal. Actually, not only the staff you have eaten but also the air and water retention cause this feeling of fullness. So, let it be – fart! On the contrary, keeping your gratitude to the grandma inside will poison your own body.

Don’t Forget the Social Context

However, don’t be overexcited about your farting in public – there is a huge risk to cause the fire! One patient during the operation on cervix almost burned herself! As university report described, her farting ignited with the laser’s irradiation, reached surgical drape, and set a fire. So, don’t be too relaxed during the operation, especially near the concentrated oxygen!

If you really hoped to use farting only as a calorie-burning activity, sorry for the bad news. In your desperate situation, the only way to burn enough calories is to do farting while doing exercises. Or concentrate, flatulate with passion, and overextend yourself. Maybe, this is the reason why slimmer people fart more often? In any case, be careful – as a powerful gas, it can cause the fire!


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