What is the net worth of Conor McGregor


Nicknamed “The Notorious,” the widely popular undefeated Irish mixed martial artist recently appeared among the richest 30 Under 30 European Entertainment on Forbes. With the loud $22 million, Conor McGregor net worth made us consider the boxing career seriously! How to spend this money and where to get them from – all this in our new post.

Revenue sources

How is it possible for a mixed martial artist to get $22 million? Well, the greatest contribution is made by the salary and winnings (almost $18), while the tiny rest is left for sponsorship and endorsements ($4 million). For example, the richest fight in McGregor’s career was during the rematch with Diaz – only there, he earned $3 million for the successful revenge after the previous defeat! Another match, ended by a Jose Aldo’s knockout after the first 13 seconds, brought Conor McGregor half a million (along with the salary). In sum, his victories and earnings brought him $100 million – unprecedented sum in a fighter’s career!

As for sponsorship, Conor McGregor owns $2 million annually, paid him by Reebok, Bud Light, Monster Energy, Volvo, and nutrition brand BSN. What a pleasure to wear nice sportswear and eat healthy food for the money!

Spenfing habits

McGregor agrees with the popular wisdom that the best investment is always in a house. Currently, the mixed martial artist is a happy owner of a mansion in Ireland – bought after Aldo’s knockout for $2 million, it allowed his family move back to Europe from the USA.

Another true man’s passion – cars – has found its place in McGregor’s heart. People say he has 8 cars; among them, there surely are BMW i8, Cadillac Escalade, and Mercedes. But the king in his collection is Rolls Royce Dawn, which is worth around $350,000 on market.

And the rest of his money goes for other tiny pleasures, for sure.

The big fight is coming?

The debates continue concerning the possible fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. If it happens and Conor wins, he can add another $100 million to his net worth. Nobody in America believes he’s worth this sum, but they’d better not underestimated the Irishman.


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