What is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey

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Have you heard that these two alcohol drinks are different types? Don’t trust this! Basically, bourbon and whiskey are both whiskeys. But the question is, what makes them whiskey?


Actually, the process. Making of any whiskey includes using a fermented grain and aging in an oak barrel to get that intriguing dark color. So, when you start, the list of ingredients and the equipment is the same. And surely, both bourbon and whiskey are delicious!


The result. In the competition bourbon vs whiskey, bourbon wins with the more complicated recipe. To make it, you need to stay in the U.S. and find a magic Kentucky water (for allure) and special grain mixture – the first ingredient should be corn (always more than half). To distil the drink, don’t put the strength more than 160 proof, put it in a bottle with the strength of at least 80 proof, and keep it in a new oak charred barrel not exceeding 125 proof of strength. Then you can leave the country for 2 years to avoid the temptation to put an additive or try it too early!

In its turn, whiskey is not limited to the special ingredients – there are various types of it, based on rye, barrel, wheat, and corn, of course. Depending on a grain you choose, you’ll get different whiskey drinks.

Bonus: Scotch vs. Bourbon

Now it’s simple – bourbon is a type of whiskey. So, it’s more interesting to compare bourbon with some other variety of whiskey.

In the case bourbon vs scotch, the key difference between them is geographical: while scotch is from Scotland (easy!), bourbon is American (even though it sounds like French). Also, the grain base is not the same: scotch producers prefer malted barley, but bourbon lovers enjoy corn taste in their favorite drink. But when you try them, the difference is slight – some smokiness in the after-taste, if you have a sensitive tough. No surprise – both of them are whiskey (even though scotch is a special “whisky”)!

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