9 Best Stand Up Comedians And Their Best Shows [Videos]

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All this time we were trying to be funny and interesting – but now, it is for other professionals do this job! And for you, the situation is even more preferable – just make yourself comfortable and consider this list of best stand up comedians accompanied by the best videos as their attempts to make you laugh. Wish you good luck, guys!


As for this representative of the best stand up comedy classics, it’s hard to disagree that Eddie Murphy’s Delirious is amazing. Even though it appeared more than 20 years ago, this performance illustratively demonstrates that Murphy is not only a great actor in comedies but also a king of stand up! Simply watch this show by yourself and try to resist the temptation to wear a red leather jacket and buy an ice cream tomorrow!


Surely, a legend of stand-up comedy. Unfortunately, we can’t feel the pressure of the previous epoch from the screen – but for that times, that’s impressing how passionate was this guy in his jokes to resist obscenity rules and reveal the ugly hidden truth. Stand up is so hard-line and brave mostly because of the career of the guys like Bruce. And yes, he used jazz music – which is also a huge plus to his shows!

#3. LOUIS C.K.

Let’s move to the contemporary humor – and here’s an amazing comedian who’s great in revealing the darkest sides of our souls. Just watch this compilation of his best stand-up shows and see how easily he plays with the human egoism, meanness, and indifference. If you enjoy sharp social criticism too – don’t miss the chance to watch his brilliant stand up comedy. By the way, this comedian has the great show Louie (meaning that he’s a leading actor, screenplay writer, and director) – and it’s worth watching on Netflix. no doubt!


Super funny guy! This cool comedian plays with the stereotypical black accent, social prejudices, and his own facial expressions exceptionally, which is always a great pleasure to observe (even if you don’t get his jokes). Besides, he’s awesome in catching audience’s attention and making it think seriously of gender, race, and political system. Too good to keep away from him!


This cute lady makes fun of all that traditional values – including marriage, having kids, and enjoying pregnancy. And by doing this, she easily relieves any suffering from social scheme deviation – so you’re not afraid to live on your own or die alone no more. Desperate housewives, highly recommended for you!


This female comedian offers a completely opposite subject of fun! Specifically, this extra funny pregnant girl tells humorous stories on quite common things in woman’s life – like proposals to marry, packing lunches or combining family obligations with the need to have a career development. Notwithstanding, she turns these standard situations into fun so easily you can’t do them normally after watching her shows.


A person whose destiny is surely stand up! With that funny voice, sharp jokes, and controversial humor he has all the necessary attributes to attract your attention. Another great thing about his shows is that he doesn’t concentrate too much on that banal division between black and white people (although, his switching of voices from a black man to a white man is truly hilarious!) but talks more about celebrities and politics (which can also be fun, you’ll see).


Just look at this guy – even his appearance is super funny! As Louis C.K., he’s also popular on Netflix (you can see him playing Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreations and a racist dog on Animals). What’s great in his humor? In fact, the jokes are mostly taken from his own experience in relationships, so you’ll surely laugh and discover many new things in the area (the joke on the categories of guys in a club is one of my favorites, can’t stop watching and laughing!)


Arguably, the king of comedy (at least, authors in Rolling Stones suppose so). Check this show out, and make your own decision! In any case, the fact that he combines red costume of Eddie Murphy, sharp humor of Louis C.K. and the accent of Chris Rock increases his chance to top this list.

But don’t trust words and critics – take your time and choose by yourself, who’s the best of the best! Don’t hesitate to share your opinions here as well!

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