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All of us save the best moments in photos and videos. But what if it’s time to change your device? How to keep all your memories easy available anytime you wish? The simplest answer is to upload everything somewhere on the Internet and access it whenever you need! This post will help you to choose the best photo sharing site based on the specifics of your content and their functionality.

Feature Photobucket Flickr Google Photos Shutterfly
Storage for free 2GB 1TB 15 GB Unlimited
Automatic sync Yes Yes Yes No
Privacy No Yes Yes Yes
Full-size download Yes Yes Depends Yes
Editing Yes Yes No No
Creating an account is a must Yes Yes No No



The greatest feature about this site is its functionality for editing the photos. This means that you can freely upload all the pictures you have and make them better online! Among its numerous features, you can remove the red-eye effect, crop unnecessary background, and even insert a sticker! And of course, you can filter your photos by adding some beauty or turning your portrait into a black-and-white masterpiece! Finally, it allows you to create GIFs from your visual content – simply choose up to 60 photos you’ve uploaded there!

You can store your photos on this free photo sharing site from both your computer and external websites (including your Facebook photos). Concerning the storage, Photobucket requires no payment for keeping 2GB of photos; if you want more, you should pay monthly for a subscription.

But let’s be honest – 2GB is not enough to keep all the moments of your long and fruitful life. Thus, Photobucket is the best choice forsaving the small amount of your photos and enjoyingits great functionality – use it to store, edit, share within the community by accompanying with the hashtags and contributing to the hot topics, and print the best photos among them (you’ll get 85% discount after paying $20 for this)!

To control privacy, simply add a password to your albums and choose its publicity. To synchronize photos automatically, link your account to your computer or uploaded an iPhone/Android app.



This option is for you if you have millions of photos (literally!). This great free photo sharing site will take no money from you for storing 500,000 to 2 million photos, along with short clips and videos up to 3 minutes long! If you pay for a monthly subscription, you’ll receive the same amount of storage but without the irritating advertisement and with the free shipping of your printed photos. In other words, only the special features are paid there.

The website will also help you to arrange all this huge amount of photos into collections and sub-collections by the uniting them with the keywords. This platform is also social, so your friends and other members can as well tag your photos, so your visual content will contribute to specific topics (for example, “Breakfasts” or “Vietnam”) and let the others findtheirinspiration on Flickr.

This website also offers some editing, meaning Instagram-like filters, frames, contrast and others. To upload the photos, you can use your e-mail, access their website, or download the smartphone app. Also, all your content can be easily shared from the website to certain social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Concerning the privacy, you can adjust it for each photo separately – its levels include public, friends, family, or only you. To clarify who is a certain user in this hierarchy, use the option of contacts. Almost perfect in terms of basic functionality!


google photos

A well-known product for the owner of Google account. The key reasonwhy its developers think you should not choose any other sites is its unique auto-create option, which allows you to watch the entire story of your photos – with locations and marvelous slideshow. If you mostly save memories in photos while traveling, you’ll get the amazing flashback to your adventures from Google+ Photos! To get back to these stories often, enjoy a “Rediscover a Day” feature – and be reminded annually of what happened in the past.To allow all this magic happen, simply allow the auto back up and location history in your Google+ app (information is relevant for both iPhone and Android users).

Another great feature is how this site manages to store similar pictures. Automatic Assistant will create a mini-animation for you to have more fun from the dozens of similar photos we take trying to choose the best one from them.

Concerning the specific of functionality, Google+ Photos site allows auto-sync to your private album via desktop folder and a smartphone app. If you think your photos should get public awareness, people visiting your gallery won’t need an account – but you can control them from sharing your photos without your permission. Finally, you can set Circles in your Google+ to choose the contacts to whom you want to show your life.

However, if it is important for you to keep full-size photos, this photo sharing option is not for you – its unlimited storage can enjoy only non-professionals with “standard- sized” photos. For greater dimensions, you’ll get the limit of 15GB – to get more, Google+ Photos will ask you to pay for their subscription.



Great photo sharing site for those who hate limits. Its available storage has no size; moreover, you can import yourvisual content from the key social networksfocused on images, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ Photos, and send it through Apple and Android devices. Finally, you can share links to your entire gallery via e-mail and Facebook to attract attention to those interested in your life – they won’t need an account to view your photos.

Notwithstanding, the key strength of this website is printing. The creative range of this option includes magnets, photobooks, lunch bags, cups, puzzles, and even battery cases! When you sign up, you’ll get 50 free prints – all to attract your attention for this feature.

Unfortunately, those who think automatic synchronization is a must for a photo sharing site should not choose Shutterfly – everything is done there manually.

So, does it help in choice? Then back up your life at least once (or better, on two different photo sharing sites) and be confident your memories are always safely stored!

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