7 Smart Websites To Get Inspired

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Tell me what do you read?

Time to confess – I can’t live without reading something inspirational during the day. This activity has a magical effect on me – I feel strongly motivated to start the new day and constantly explore my boundaries as a creative writer. Sounds rather pathetic, ha? But that’s true! If you don’t trust me that probably means you don’t know these websites from my list. To know for sure, check it out and freely use it to find your own inspiration every day!

BIRD IN FLIGHT (Photography)

Bird in flight

This online magazine about visual art is the best option for those tired of their Instagram feeds with never-ending selfies and SFS. Each post discusses some aspect of photography as a contemporary art. For example, you can read about the brand-new understanding of beauty or the abandoned factory turned into a graffiti museum.

What I like the most there: incredible photographs about the real people and the information about the photo contests. Moves me to go out, look at things from unusual angles, and practice photography!


Jungles in Paris

Every time you feel bored, change your location – common truth that is open for everyone each morning with the numerous travel blogs available online. Among them, Jungles in Paris is a unique example of sharing all the types of content you might be interested in – videos, stories about strangers, photo projects, and nature wonders. And every day you’ll see a new continent!

What I like the most there: inspiring documentaries. Jungles in Paris differs from all the other travel blogs I saw because their stories breathe – you feel the life behind their passionate storytelling about cultures and nature all over the world.

TOP FUNNY FACTS (Interesting facts)

top funny facts

Young enthusiasts that appeared in my newsfeed only recently. They don’t limit themselves with one interest – one day you can read about homemade shampoo and study motivation, and the next day you’ll find the information about people who walked the moon. But there is one similarity in all these posts – they are interesting and educational!

What I like the most there: the choice of topics. I bet these guys have a crazy mind and are passionate about the things I never imagined are worth thinking. So thanks for challenging my mind – that’s really necessary for creativity!

KINFOLK (Lifestyle)


Maybe, the most popular website in this list about lifestyle, design, and being stylish and beautiful. Of course, you can buy their magazine in a shop, but why to deny yourself a pleasure to get inspired from Kinfolk one more time? In a web version, you’ll find information about arts and culture, personal dilemmas, interiors, design, and personalities.

What I like the most there: visual content. These guys are true perfectionists about the images, layouts, fonts, and blurring. Every time I visit their website, I feel hypnotized by the pure beauty I see there.

HIGHSNOBIETY (Videos and fashion)

high snobiety

Blog for clothes and headphones. The website offers an interesting mixture of movie analysis, overviews of the new releases from footwear, music news, and strange facts with videos.

What I like the most there: the way they present the information. For each topic, Highsnobiety chooses the unique way of writing – video with a short description on the recent news, plenty of images with a couple of sentences in the posts about street fashion, and plain text with a couple of screenshots for best anime movies. And it’s interesting all the time!


tiny atlas quaterly

Another example of the interesting mixture, Tiny Atlas Quarterly shares random beautiful photos all over the world to show the lifestyles of travelers. And of course, you can read their stories too.

What I like the most there: personalities. This website is mind-blowing because you read about the incredible things and see the beauty of the world with a strong connection to the author. In other words, every time you feel like you are the traveler!

ESQUIRE (Celebrities, lifestyle)


Of course, Esquire is writing about so many things that it’s up to you to choose what’s your main purpose of reading it – politics, celebrities, fashion, recipes, or latest news. For me, it is the best for reading interviews about the people we all know – especially when it’s hard to find them and impossible to ask my own questions.

What I like the most there: interviews. Enquire is the best in Q&A sessions with celebrities and ask not only questions about their experience on stage but also about their personal attitude on serious issues.

You see now – there’s no need to wait for an inspiration as you can create your own! All you need to do is carefully choose the right website and subscribe to its news feed.

Start your morning with the right reading!

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