7 Reasons Why Being a Flight Attendant Is a Dream Job

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You still need the strong reason to become a flight attendant? We’ve chosen 7 top reasons to stop thinking and start acting!

  • Travelling (obvious)

If you have a flight attendant friend, you can see how these people discover the world! By working on an international plane, you have the unique opportunity to watch all the tourist destinations (because it flies where people travel) on earth and from a bird’s eye view! And all this for free, with a salary! In my opinion, only this one reason is enough to apply.

  • Salary (always important)

Annual income for a flight attendant is around $70,000 – not bad! In most economies of the world, such an income allows you living a truly luxurious life. Even if your office job is OK in terms of money, with a flight attendant career you’ll get the chance to get the first class entry without paying for this. So, you’ll get the money and don’t need to spend them on accommodation and costly pleasures.

  • Culture education

It’s your job – seeing the diversity of our world, getting acquainted with the new nationalities, breaking the stereotypes! Your team will be multinational, and your passengers will hold passports from different countries. So, enjoy and talk – every day you’ll surely know something new.  

  • Easy job (perfect combination with the reason #2!)

To get your money, you won’t sit at the desk for hours, listen to boring talks in the meeting rooms, and go to bed exhausted. Also, your task is not to carry heavy stuff and leave in awful temporary buildings. Your job is to be polite and to offer food and refreshments. Like in a fairytale – you smile and get paid!

  • Beauty

The great chance to be the most beautiful version of yourself is to wear a flight attendant uniform! If you have ever been on a plane, you saw how shining is the personnel! Being glamorous and attractive is the part of your job too – if you can’t find time to take care of your appearance, this career will surely help you. Not to mention the opportunities to buy the clothes in fashion capitals and attend fashion weeks all over the world – remember, you have money for that!

  • Career opportunities

If you think that being a flight attendant has no future perspective – you’re deeply wrong! There are several levels for a member of cabin crew – regular, senior, and instructor. Also, you can move from a regular airline to more famous and costly – it’s business industry, like any other on ground!

  • Great friends

The more people you meet, the higher are your chances to make a famous friend. Just imagine how many celebrities use planes – and now rate your chances to meet them in a subway or public bus. And many other interesting personalities, not known yet – you will see them every day!


You know, these 7 reasons are just the top ones. We haven’t mentioned free flights, dynamic life, the feeling of flying like a bird, beautiful colleagues to date, bright memories, best hotels of the world, being a time king…

Can’t believe you don’t want to try!

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