6 Famous Female Gangsters

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Gangster movies create a completely wrong image of the world, you know! Instead of showing cruel men and innocent women, they’d better trace the biography of one of these sweet but not so sympathetic gangster ladies! Here we offer only 6 examples for the directors, but the list contains numerous names and even more unbelievable crimes.

  • Sandra Ávila Beltrán

Sandra Avila BeltranShe liked being called “The Queen of the Pacific” – not less, but can be more (“The Queen of the Ocean,” please!). Beltrán became the leader of a Mexican drug cartel, was the owner of a fatal beauty and a wife of two ex-police husbands – unfortunately, killed by hired hitmen. Moreover, she was really smart, and it took a long time for the police to catch her.

But the justice finally found her when her son was kidnapped – after that, she revealed herself to the public and was blamed for possessing the illegal weapon and money laundering (most of the real crimes were obviously forgotten).

  • Judy Moran

Judy MoranThis nice silver-haired woman was the matriarch of the Moran family – criminal band in Melbourne, Australia. All the members of her house were drug traffickers – either killed or arrested. Her first husband died in a gangland shooting in 1982, and their son was murdered in 2000. When she tried to settle down to family life for the second time, her second son found the same destiny as the previous one in 2003.

To arrest this desperate powerful mobster, police needed to find a getaway car in her own garage.

  • Thelma Wright

Thelma WrightAs it is common for a female gangster, Wright took over a criminal band after a death of the previous leader, her relative. It happened in 1986 for her, when Jackie Wright, the head of Philadelphia drug game transporting class A drugs to Los Angeles, was murdered.

However, not the crimes made this mobster popular – she became famous for changing such a lifestyle for the sake of her son. When she was caught up in a gangland shootout, Wright decided to become a writer and inspirational leader, not a gangster. And escaped both the jail and the murder.

  • Maria Leon

Maria LeonThe woman who managed to rise up her thirteen children and run a criminal empire with various specializations. By being involved in drug smuggling, murders, and human trafficking, Leon with the help of securing from Mexican Mafia became the most feared gangster in Los Angeles. Anywhere she entered, the numerous shots in the air in that neighborhood revealed that. With this worship, she never thought of following Wright’s path.

However, the love to a son again changed her story too. When Leon’s son died in a police shoot-out, she left her hiding place in Mexican suburb to visit the funeral in the United States. Leon had no right for that, so the police caught her during the attempt to cross the border.

  • Maria Licciardi

Maria Licciardi“The Godmother” of the Licciani clan from Naples became the boss after the arrest of her husband and both brothers. She managed this business in a brave and innovative manner – specifically, Licciardi introduced the sex work for her clan that controlled only drug trafficking and extortion rackets before. To generate profits, she decided to buy young girls from Albania for $2,000 (they were happy to leave their poor country to work). After that, they were enslaved, forced to sex work, and murdered.

However, not these crimes but the disagreement on heroin with her clan fellows put her behind bars.

  • Rosetta Cutolo

Rosetta CutoloThis woman became the gangster because her crime boss brother trusted only her after his arrest. With such a level of respect, she became the head of Nuova Camorra Organizzata (also from Naples).

Cutolo is famous for living in a palace with 365 rooms, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. However, her bad temper played a low-down trick to her – when she decided to blow up a local police station, it destroyed her rich life. After 10 years of hiding, she gave herself to justice with the words, “I am tired of being a fugitive.”

So, think twice before irritating a woman – you can wake up a gangster hidden inside!

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