5 Hottest Girls In Tennis [Photos]


Tennis is not only a popular sport but also a chance to observe passionate ladies in short skirts moving gently and fastoncourt. But the pleasure multiplies if the participants are the most beautiful tennis stars! Want to know who’s on top? We’ve already cared about it – look at this list, judge our words with the social profiles immediately, and choose the next tennis match to watch!


Date night with the Oscars 😱😍😎🙋🏼

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You can join Team Donna if you fancy this blond young lady from a famous sports dynasty in Croatia. Recently, she gained more popularity both because of her beautiful appearance and through being in a relationship with Stan Wawrinka, a well-known tennis player from Switzerland. If you look at her profile on Instagram, you’ll see her active lifestyle habits and the extent to which this girl fancies parties.  Probably, that’s all you need to know from the very beginning – from this social page, you can easily reach her both on Twitter and Snapchat to find out more.


In our list of hot tennis players, Mandy Minella deserved her place by being extremely attractive. Even though her sports career was not sparklingly successful (her highest rank was only 66 in 2012), the photos on her Instagram illustratively show that she can overcome her young competitors in this list easily and in any age. Just check out her recent black and white photoshoot, she has a really magnetic look!


You can find this girl more often than the previous ones on the tennis court. Even though the top of her career was in 2002, when she became #5 in the world ranking and won the fed camp with her national team, she is still a great player. And if you open her Instagram, you’ll surely see how cute and smiling is her face. This angel girl did a successful career in modeling – as the result, you can see her photoshoots in bikinis as well there!


The loudest name in our list. Well-known beauty from Russia, this girl is among the best tennis players in the world for the several years. Along with her sports triumphs, she is a successful model for numerous brands, including Nike, Prince, and Canon. On her Instagram, you can see in detail her amazing photoshoots, nightlife and travel experiences, and, of course, numerous captures of her on the court. So, even if you don’t watch tennis, you still won’t miss the most interesting moments of her next victory!


On the top of our list, there is the rising star in world tennis with a pretty face and a perfect figure. Elina Svitolina, as the best representative of Ukrainian tennis team to date, has recently reached a rank no. 10 is world rating. However, not only her recent success but also her lovely appearance attracted such great attention to her. Just check her Instagram and get your extra portion of a sunny smile from this beauty!

And of course, feel free to mention any other hot female player on the court you know. No doubt, beauty carries a tennis racket so frequently!

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