4 Brief Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

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In everyone’s childhood, there was a lovely boy or girl who waited until the night comes. With the casual tone, this person said, “Do you want to hear a scary story?” and caught everyone’s attention. Do you want to be in the spotlight by knowing a scary story to tell in the dark? Here are four stories to help you. Feel free to fill the missing details with your imagination!

  • Bride

A young couple was having a great wedding party in the bride’s grandmother’s house. In the middle of the night, the guests decided to play the hide and seek game. The groom covered his eyes and counted to 100, while everyone hidden. After the game was over, nobody could find the bride anywhere. The weeks passed, and everyone decided that the bride used the chance to leave her husband because she hadn’t wanted to marry him.
Some years later, a cleaning lady dusted an attic. She found the old trunk with a rotting corpse of the young bride inside. Her face was frozen in a silent scream. Maybe, she accidentally locked herself inside, maybe, someone locked her there…

  • The Thing

One August night, two boys were sitting in front of the cornfield. Suddenly, one of them spotted some strange-looking figure. Being vaguely human, the thing appeared and disappeared, leaving the boys puzzled.
Suddenly, one of them felt a hand on his shoulder. He yelled in horror in the rotting face of the thing. In response, the ugly face with holes its skin, sticking out bones, and sunken dark eyes looked in silence. Then, it grabbed boy’s hand.
The boys ran down the road with the scream and told their parents and friends what happened, but nobody believed them. Next morning, scratches from the arm caused infection nobody could treat. His entire body became rotten and falling off.
When the second boy came to visit his dead friend, he looked just like the thing.

  • Footsteps

Two sisters were waiting for their mother in an old house – one downstairs, one sleeping upstairs. One of them heard the door open, called their mother, but received no answer. The footsteps continued and became silent upstairs. The girl investigated the house with no success. When she sat back in the dining room, the footsteps started again and the door to her room slowly opened.
“Get out!” screamed the scared girl. The door closed gently, the footsteps left through the front door, and left no footprints in the snow.
Before the family decided to move out, the girls sitting in the living room heard terrible loud groans from the cellar. They found nothing there and sold the house to the new owners without telling a word.

  • No Thanks

Jim worked late in the local supermarket. One night, the boy was crossing the huge parking lot alone, heard the rustling sound and noticed the man stepping out from the shadows. He kept a knife in his hand repeating “Nice, sharp knife,” while Jim tried not to panic.
The man came closer and said, “Do you wanna buy a knife? Only three dollars. Nice present for your mother.”
“No thanks, she has one,” Jim answered and ran away as fast as he could.  

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