3 Interesting Ways to Save YouTube Videos

Have you ever come across a YouTube video and wanted to save it so that you could watch it at any time without having to be online, or maybe transfer it to a different device? As you can imagine being able to ‘save’ YouTube videos would be pretty useful, but YouTube itself doesn’t have that option.

That is why if you want to save videos from YouTube you’ll have to pursue other options – and there are several that are available nowadays. In particular there are three interesting ways to save YouTube videos that you should be aware of:

  • Online web services

One of the easiest ways to save any YouTube videos is by using one of the many online web services that are available and can be found with a simple search. For the most part these platforms all work the same way and will let you enter the YouTube video URL and will subsequently provide you with a link that you can use to download the video.

The only problem with these services is that they often have limitations in terms of the quality, video length, and formats. Additionally sometimes it can take time for the platform to process and provide the download link.

  • Browser extensions and plugins

Another convenient option is to use a browser extension or plugin that will detect and help download YouTube videos on the page that you’re on. If you do choose this option you should try to find extensions that directly download the video, as many will simply redirect or utilize online web services instead.

While browser extensions tend to have less limitations than online web services, they are far from perfect. One of the biggest problems is that support for these extensions can be sporadic, and when YouTube introduces updates they are often unable to adjust quickly.

  •  Screen recorders

Although it may not be the easiest or most convenient option, screen recorders provide a universal way to save YouTube videos without any limitations – as they will essentially just record it from your screen. The quality, format, and other parameters can be customized according to your needs, though some screen recorders may have some limitations in that regard.

Because screen recorders are more versatile however, you will find that they enable you to save any and all YouTube videos including live streams and other content. That puts them ahead of any of the other options, and makes it worth looking into.

If you’d like to try to use a screen recorder to record and save a video from YouTube you may want to give Movavi Screen Recorder a go. It is an easy-to-use screen recorder that can be set up to save YouTube videos in a matter of minutes and will make it a piece of cake to adjust the various recording parameters such as the capture area, audio source, volume levels, and so on.

Not only will Movavi Screen Recorder let you quickly start to record any YouTube videos that you want, but it will also let you automate the recording using a timer. In fact if you explore its features further you’ll see that it is truly versatile and will let you record any type of video footage that you need from your screen.

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