3 Efficient Ways to Cure Hiccups

girl with hiccups

Hiccups is always a surprise, but sometimes it catches you so suddenly that you need to be fast to deal with it! Here are three pieces of advice for you to be sure you have the best cure for hiccups always at hand.

  • Trick #1 Water (Classic)

Everyone knows that you should grab the glass of water when you’ve noticed the first signs of hiccups. But simply drinking it never helped! Did you know that you should use the straw and close your ears with your fingers? Or lay on a bed to drink upside down? Treat yourself with a teaspoon of sugar or peanut butter? Dealing with hiccups can be much more fun than you’ve thought of it!

  • Trick #2 Breathing (My favorite)

Breathing is everything in any stressful situation, and hiccups is surely a stress. So, when you get hiccups – don’t panic! Breath deeply, hold your inhale for a while, and start swallowing. Exhale gravely. Repeat if necessary. Numerous signs of hiccups were dealt with this simple technique in my life!

  • Trick #3 Ask the others to help (Interactive)

When your hiccups are noticeable for others, remove the awkwardness by asking your companion to help you stop it. Ask to scare you or just say “your hiccups are gone.” Even if it won’t help your hiccups, it will surely ease the stress for you.

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