3 Crazy Cat Facts That Are Actually True

cat in rome

Cats are curious creatures who generally like to keep themselves to themselves, over the centuries plenty of myths have sprung up relating to cats such as black cats being bad luck (this stems from an 18th century fear of old ladies who looked after cats who were often branded as witches).

It can be difficult to distinguish reality from fiction when it comes to unbelievable cat facts but we’ve done the hard work for you.

Here are three cat facts which are as true as they are ludicrous!


1 – The Site where Julius Caesar was killed is now a cat sanctuary.

In 44 BC Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by a group of his senators including his close friend Brutus (Caesar’s famous last words were “Et Tu Brute?”) in Pompey’s theatre in an area in Rome called Largo di Torre Argentina.

These days the theatre has long since fallen into ruin with columns, crumbled walls and some well worn paving being the last remaining remnants of ancient Roman theatres and temples that once filled the area. The remains were only found in 1928 when it was being dug up for a new building development!

Today the Largo di Torre Argentina has a new lease of life as not only a popular tourist attraction but a cat sanctuary!

The cat sanctuary is nestled into ‘Temple D’ which was apparently dedicated to the Lares Permarini who were believed to protect people and their homes.

Today the place where a brutal and bloody murder once took place is instead the home of many cats who can be seen lounging about looking quite at home on the ancient walls!

If you are ever planning on visiting Rome and are a cat lover then this is the perfect place to visit…who knows you may even end up adopting one!


2 – Daisy, a tabby cat from Texas, holds the record for having the most kittens ever with 420 over 17 years!

This works out at almost 25 kittens a year every year of her life!

With the average cat litter being 4 kittens that equates to a ridiculous 105 pregnancies.

The average cat pregnancy last around 60 days. 60 days x 105 pregnancies = 17.26 years! So poor Daisy didn’t have a second to breath, as soon as one litter was out she pretty much got immediately pregnant with the next litter. Poor cat!

Having given birth to so many kittens there is an extremely strong chance that your cat is a distant relative of Daisy.


3 – In ancient Egypt families would shave their eyebrows off to mourn the loss of a cat.

The Egyptians are well known for their love of cats. The Egyptian people loved cats and cats loved the Egyptian people due to their habit of storing huge harvests in big storage rooms.

These rooms attracted lots of vermin which meant that cats quickly made their home amongst the Egyptians because there was so much free available food for them to catch.

Over time the Egyptians grew to love their cats so much that they became integral to their art to a point where it is extremely rare to see any Egyptian artwork which does not feature a cat.

It became a bizarre Egyptian custom for any family who had a cat which died a natural death to shave off their eyebrows in mourning. Maybe that is something we should bring back!?

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