10 Interesting Facts about Napoleon Bonaparte

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We all know Napoleon as an extraordinary historical figure. But now we’ll show you a completely different side of his personality – see this coward, sham, innovative, hasty, authoritative fool!


  • He had ailurophobia, he was terrified of cats! If only poor soldiers knew this secret weapon, they’ll surely carry YouTube hot videos in front of them to save their lives in a more effective way than using weapons! No surprise here – cats ruled the world even before the Internet was invented.
  • Also, the great warrior was afraid of open doors. Each visitor was bound to be in a rush and close the door immediately after entering the room.
  • Third, the commander was too afraid of death. Sad but true: he had worn a packet of poison for so long that when he actually decided to use it the poison left all its potency! Everything he achieved was an illness.


  • He was 1.7 meters long – it’s higher than me, short man! One of the reasons for this confusion is the mistake done by interpreters of French units for height. Another one is that Napoleon adored tall soldiers – all the members of his safety guard were by head and shoulders above him.
  • Also. he adored playing a poor man. In Parisian streets, it was common to see him walking and asking questions to strangers. Poor Napoleon had to do all the job sociologists do for politicians currently by himself.


  • In the French translation of Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, the pig was called Caesar instead of Napoleon. Two centuries passed, by it’s still illegal to call the pig Napoleon!
  • Revolutionary, Napoleon changed the direction of traffic throughout Europe. Perhaps, the UK and India are safe with preferring the left side of road because he never visited them.

Eating habits

  • Napoleon had strange habits for French men. Instead of sitting in a bistro and having a two-hour lunch break with wine, he insisted on eating quickly and silently. Soldiers had to invent canned food to be as quick as their commander was! At least, Napoleon was a big fan of French fries, especially in a combination with the roast chicken and onions. Not so luxurious, but surely tasty and satisfying the stomach.

Family life

  • The legendary family life of Napoleon covers numerous interesting facts. We know his wife as Josephine, but this name her loving husband created on purpose. He didn’t like that long Marie Josephe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, so she was Josephine for everyone. But this is not the only one illustration of his authoritativeness – he forced her daughter from the previous marriage to marry Napoleon’s brother. After all, he imagined her as his lucky charm – and brought her portrait miniature to every battle. Lucky Marie, he had enough prudence not to bring his wife to the battlefield to check her magic powers!


  • Finally, the machine won Napoleon in chess. The fake chess-playing machine with a person hidden inside of it made it possible. And he didn’t notice a thing! How scary must Napoleon have been if one designed the complicated machine to win the commander! Surely, nobody wanted to look him in the eye.

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