10 Hottest Models On Instagram [Photos]

sahara ray

A pleasure to admit – today it’s easier to meet a hot girl than ever before! The reason is not because the world is overloaded with beautiful females (but who knows, maybe it is?) but because of the Instagram! This social network is magic – hot models share their best photos, encourage you to comment and talk, and there are so many of them! In this post, we’ll help you to find the best 10 profiles on Instagram and share the stories of their owners with you – so you’ll know how to start the conversation with them! And don’t forget to enjoy our recent post about hottest girls in tennis.


Cowgirl Glam #coachella #SoulsThatGlitter #PLTXPaper

Публикация от Cindy Prado (@cindyprado)

This sweet Miami-based model is an owner of intriguing appearance – thanks to her Cuban/Spanish decent. Designers love her and constantly invite to wear their clothes in front of a camera. You can find her photos in swimwear from 1sol and Maaji, to name a few. She cares about self-development, and modeling is only one of her passions along with the sphere of Public Relations and Marketing. For a date, invite her to have a dinner at Miami Beach – she likes Prime 112 restaurant and cocktails. But first, pretend uninterested and don’t wear baggy clothes!


What do you guys like to add in your protein shakes @womensbest #womensbest

Публикация от Yovanna Ventura (@yoventura)

Again from Florida, this 21-year old girl is best known as probably an ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. People saw them together at a Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas and in Venice Beach – but they deny everything and say they are just friends. Better for you! Yovanna is not talkative and keeps her private life in secret, but we know her passion is dogs – she is an owner of cute pet pooches, Tatum and Tommy. It goes even further, since she is eager to care about well-being of a community – so the best conversation with her is about creating some comfortable shelters for homeless animals.


11 million subscribers – all interested in this girl! Being the hottest in our list, this American Instagram celebrity has everything needed to be on top – appearance in high fashion magazines (Elle, Vanity Fair, Maxim) and movies (Beyond the Tank, The View), practicing healthy lifestyle (she’s a true fitness guru in butt workouts), and amazing body on her photos (both bikini photoshoots and cute selfies). Not only hot but inspiring as well!
So, good luck in commenting their hot photos! Enjoy your Instagram!


I train 4 times a week. I have 2 hard workouts and 2 crossfits. And after every training I drink @proteinworld . #proteinworld

Публикация от Galinka Mirgaeva (@mirgaeva_galinka)

Galinka is a fitness model from Perm Krai region in Russia. Often compared to younger Angelina Jolie by her 2.3 million followers, this hot girl constantly shares her healthy lifestyle and amazing body. You can see on her page photo sessions in gyms, swimming pools, and at her home – she is different and beautiful in all of them. If you want to know her true passion, she likes sharing her training routine (people especially like yoga videos). So, try discussing with her different protein brands and your favorite asana – she’ll surely like this!


Bahama Mama @asherahswimwear

Публикация от Lira Mercer (@lira_galore)

This girl shows that beauty is not only skinny. Lira Mercer, sexy model fiancée of Rick Ross, is a young girl known for loud love affairs – including Drake and NBA star Pat Beverly. So, only popular men are to her liking! By seeing herself as an influencer, she constantly shares her bikini photos with her 3.4 million of followers. If you don’t have enough fame to attract her attention, you can still satisfy your curiosity by finding lots of hot photos on her Instagram.


The Instagram page of the lead model for Apple Bottom Jeans UK. Being included in the list of 100 sexiest models in the world, she appeared on the covers of Maxim and FHM. Moreover, she is a highest paid ring girl for Top Rank, Nevada-based boxing promotion company – and the only one of British origin there. She is divorced (not proved) and controversial in her photographs. If you want to know more about her, she’s fond of fitness, healthy lifestyle, and freedom of choice. It’s hard to get near to this celebrity, but you can watch her Instagram page – truly hot and almost naked!


Another example of an Instagram page of a popular international hot model. Proved by the collaboration with the designer Olivier Rousteing, participation in the catwalks organized by Victoria’s Secret, and winning the Portuguese Supermodel of the World competition, this girl represents the true beauty of Angola (that’s in Africa) and Portugal in her tempting look. What does she like? We’ve found that she’s good at sports (planking pro!), watches TV show Empire, and loves ordering Malibu Red Bull with lime in a bar.


This cute Danish girl is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, taking part in 300 of its fashion shows. You can see her on the cover and featured in the best world fashion magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. In her career, it’s hard to find the clothing brand she hasn’t collaborated with – ranging from Chanel and Gucci to H&M and Max Mara. Being a daughter of gay parents, she protects the rights of LGBT community hot-eyed – so, only tolerate people are allowed to come closer to her!


Danish beauty, one more time. You can find her on the latest cover of Maxim – but that’s surely not the first cover in her life, taking into account her appearance on the pages of other high-profile magazines. Not only a talented model, she won the role in the movie Don Jon, filmed by a Hollywood star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Previously, she thought of a dentist career – but know people rumor she enjoys Mexican weekends with DiCaprio! If you want to know more about the twists of fate in her life – subscribe to the Instagram page of this one of the hottest models recognized internationally these days. Right there, you’ll see her gym training sessions, red carpet photos, and magazine covers.



Another ex of Justin Bieber (that man knows something!). The model from Australia, she shakes the media with her open-breasted photo shootings (she posed to Bieber nude, so every boyfriend can potentially enjoy that privilege too). The daughter of surfing legend Tony Ray, she grew in LA and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising there. So, she linked her passion for modeling with her education – and know the world knows Sahara Ray as a designer of Sahara Ray Swim. So, any talk about her swimwear and its designing (especially for surfing) is OK to get to know each other better!


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